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lee676September 15, 2012

I need to find a set of four house numbers that together will fit within a 10" wide, 4" tall space. I'd like contemporary, easily readable looks, preferably in a light metallic color. The ones at the big-box stores are too large to fit my space. The house doesn't have much room for them - the front door is on one side; a window on the other. The other side of the door is blocked by a tree. Like the sample below, the numbers would be centered within a brick, only in this house there's a small section made of differently-shaped and colored stone which I want to draw attention to, and only the aforementioned 10x4" stone is shaped nicely to fit a number sign within it. Plus, it's close to the front porch light so it can be seen at night.

So where can I find 3" tall numbers of this style? I need four of them, and unfortunately none of them is the number 1 and they're all the wider numbers. I've looked at local stores and can't find anything nice.

p.s. I'm posting this in Porches since that's where it goes, but let me know if they're a more appropriate forum for this question.

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Did you try googling "modern house numbers?" I did and quite a few links came up. I didn't browse through them to see if they had the right size, but there's a place to start.

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