How many carbide saw blades for Ipe

madducksSeptember 2, 2009

About how many carbide tip saw blades will you wear out cutting Ipe - For example: per 100 square feet, will need about 2 blades for the chop saw?


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I'm sure John and others can give you an idea about how many blades, I just wanted to mention that carbide blades can be re-sharpened although it's typically hard to find a sharpener that is set up for it. Might be worth looking in your area to see if anyone does it. A good sharpener can make them as good, if not better than new.

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A bit off topic, but any of you resharpen drill bits and utility knife blades? If I have it nearby, a quick pass or two on a handheld knife sharpener is quicker than switching it out.

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Hi Homebound, A drywall hanger friend back in the old days had a small sharpening stone hanging off of his bags. He would hit his knife blade on it now and then and rarely had to switch out blades on a project. I use a drill doctor for sharpening bits, but you can only sharpen down to about an 1/8" drill bit. Any smaller you have to do by hand. I typically just buy handfuls of the smaller bits and pitch them when they dull.

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It all depends on the quality of the blade. I use Jesada Tools blades. For a project of 100 sq ft those blades will just about start to warm up. J.

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I put down ~1,000 sf and used 1 Dewalt blade with no issues. Drill bits seem to wear vs the blades

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Jesada is still around? Is it still run by Carlo or his children?

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