TWP or Storm Shield

af-medicSeptember 14, 2010

Hi all long time lurker first time poster. I'm getting ready to stain a new cedar fence and was wondering if TWP would be better than Storm Shield. I would be using the same color 116 for both. I know the TWP is Oil based and the Stormm Shiled which is made by The stame people that make TWP is arcylic. The fence is in central Arkansas and get plenty of sun exposure. The sales rep said TWP would last 2-3 years and the Strom Shield would last 3-4 years. What would you pick between the two?

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Water base storm shield is good product I used it on an ipe deck durning really cold weather the idea being the twp 116 would never set up.

The only down side of SS is it sets up real fast a Person has to be ready for that. J.

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Thanks for the Reply Mr Hyatt,
I have seen just about all your posts on it and was wondering what you would personally use on your cedar fence? Cost is about 25 bucks different for 5 gallon can between the two, with the strom shiled being higer. No green laws here to worry about. What do you think will hold up best? I will clean and re-apply every three years or sooner too. I have a suspion the more coats thatgets applied over the years the less maintance it will be.

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I really cant say if one is better than the other. My local twp Folks belive the storm shield out proformes the 100 series. You can put one over the other without any prep.Both products are build coat finish.

Just because of the fast set up I still use the 100 series but in some weather conditions the SS would be a life saver. There is a slight color differance between the two rustics. J.

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