Are you quilting this weekend? Jan. 17-19

lindaoh_gwJanuary 17, 2014

Will this winter weather never end? It is snowing again and has been for several days. I did get out to my quilt group weekly meeting last night. That is the first we have met since before Christmas.
I finished my Celtic Solstice quilt top yesterday. I found a new BOM that I like and started working on it today. I'm changing it a bit so I can use my new GO die I received for Christmas rather than cut lots of 2 1/2 inch squares. I plan to blog about it later.
I also want to work on my blog this weekend. I haven't added anything since November.
Are you quilting this weekend?
Linda OH

Here is a link that might be useful: New 2014 BOM

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You betcha. I sit at a desk doing nothing for 4 hours every Saturday and they want me to volunteer for Sunday as well. So, I said I would if I could bring my featherweight with me and piece. They said no problem.

So, if I get nothing else done but the emptying of deceased MIL's house this weekend to rent it, I will at least get in 4 hours of sewing Sat. and Sun. with no one around. Yayyyy!

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I definitely plan to sew. I have been out of town again for work so I haven't had any machine time. I did do some hand applique while traveling. I hope to put together my Celtic Solstice and an Irish Chain that I have pieced.


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I am finally over the flu so yes I will be quilting this weekend. Hoping to work on SBS blocks and some doll quilts/pillows. We have a 3 day weekend this weekend, no school Monday. My son brought home from a school, a Smoky the Bear collapsible bucket, which he is letting me have so I can use it to place fabric scraps in beside my desk as I sew.

Best to you,

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littlehelen_gw share a pic of your Celtic solstice...I know I would love to see your top and I'm sure others would as well.
I plan to finish some more blocks this weekend for the lotto and finish a top I started before the time in the sewing room!

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I posted a picture of my Celtic Solstice on my blog tonight.

Here is a link that might be useful: Picture of Celtic Solstice Quilt

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Very nice, Linda! Celtic Solstice is my weekend plan, too. We are taking the cat for her annual checkup now then I have the rest of the day. Hopefully I will feel better...kinda feel like I'm coming down with something right now.


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Love the Celtic Solstice quilts! Did you all do them as part of the mystery quilt along?

I just spent all day yesterday at a workshop with Paula Golden on Foundation Paper Piecing, and would love to spend the rest of the weekend paper piecing and finishing up the workshop piece, but it isn't going to happen. I have to unload the sewing stuff from the car and repack to run down to Florida to see my dad who's health is declining. It's a choice I've made, and I want to spend this time with my dad. I can quilt later.
I hope you all have wonderful productive weekends.

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littlehelen_gw it! I'm not a major fan of Bonnie Hunter scrappy quilts, no offense to those that are, but this one I reaallyy like. I've downloaded all of the instructions and it has made it to my to do list...which is getting longer by the day... week ... month!

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Marji, where is your dad in Fl? I live in Winter Garden. I started my Celtic Solstice the day after Thanksgiving and at least kept up with cutting for each unit as the steps were released. I'm making the king size version, so it's 61 of one block and 60 of the other. :). I have a long way to go.

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Man I sure hope I get to. I have had to work all week cause one of our guys has pneumonia. Plus we have had 2 interns. I am tired. But Joe should be back tomorrow, DH has to work till midnight and I will be home! I have missed my Janome.

Love your Celtic Solstice, Linda. It is on my list for this year.


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It's wonderful. I'm tempted too, so far I only downloaded the first step. Good to know I can still do it.
Really need to get through some UFO's. Going to a football gathering tomorrow, but finished the binding on one my late Christmas table runners today. One down and two to goðÂÂÂ

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Donna, he's in Venice. We go down 95 to Jacksonville then cut over to 75.

Before we left yesterday I did get 4 more pieces on my workshop block.
More sewing machine time than I've had since thanksgiving!

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There's a quilt show in Venice in March. I think there are also shows in Melbourne and Largo that weekend, and I'm pretty sure it's the same weekend my group is in a handbell festival, so I don't know if I'll make any of them. :(

Next month DH & I are going up to Amelia Island for a weekend so I can go to that quilt show. :)


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Punta Gorda puts on a nice show and that isn't very far from Venice. It's really a shame that some of us can't get together for one of these shows. There was to be one in Hudson (pretty close to some of us), but they moved it to New Port Richey. Looks like there's one in Brooksville in Feb....I might try to get to there. Have you ever been to that one, Rita?

Not doing much quilting/sewing this weekend.

Here is a link that might be useful: 2014 Florida Quilt Shows

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Sharon, thanks for the link! I haven't seen that site before. I am planning to hit Mt. Dora and Melbourne that first weekend in March. The handbell festival is the second weekend.


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I just stopped quilting to check this forum. I'm on Maui right now, and it's the most gorgeous day imaginable. Sunny, breezy and 77. So much better than Minneapolis where it will be -11 tomorrow night.

I'm finally working on my Baby Honu quilt. I bought the fabrics and pattern here two years ago. I'm making it for us, so it always gets set aside while I quilt for others. I also brought my bird of paradise wallhanging paper-piecing project. Small projects for a small quilting space.

My husband is watching football, what else, so I thought I'd keep him company. Periodically, I go out onto the lanai and just soak up the sun for a few minutes.

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Lois... I'm feelin' those rays on my face....enjoy !

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Sharon, I know where High Point is, but I've never heard of the quilt guild there. Never noticed a quilt show there previously, either. Must be something new.

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Thanks for the link to the shows, Sharon! I had thought about going to the Amelia Island show, but can't make it work this year. Very nice people at the small quilt shop in Amelia, too.

I agree: we need to try to meet up at one of these shows!


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