New PT fence stain or leave alone

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Hello! I just installed a new PT wood perimeter fence and would like to treat it in a manner that will help keep it looking good for along time while minimizing maintenance. The fence is part of a larger pool project. Right now I am considering whether to use Cabot SPF 48 Sunray or thier Australian Timber Oil. Any recommendations? Also, how long should I wait before applying the treatment? I read Cabot SFP 48 can be applied right away. Thanks in advance!

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I used Cabot's SPF-48 Sunray on an Ipe deck about 6 years ago and it peeled badly. It is a water based product that does not sink into wood. Having said that, it held up well on the vertical surfaces, so it would probably do well on a fence. If there are any horizontal surfaces, e.g. tops of fence panels, and you live in a cold zone with freeze/thaw cycles, it is likely to peel off in those areas. In that case the Australian Timber Oil would be a better bet, although you would likely have to reapply sooner than with the SPF. Cabot's recommends cleaning wood prior to staining. Their cleaner is bleach based. You might prefer a sodium percarbonate based cleaner instead. This site: has a good video on how to clean and stain a fence as well as their own sodium percarbonate based cleaner.

I can't speak to waiting to apply stain on PT lumber, but most experts here say don't wait. You could ask Cabot what they recommend.

Good luck,

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thanks marty. im also going to look into the one time product based on the majority of the reviews on this site.

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you want your PT wood to dry out unless it was KIL DRIED.
i would say at least 3 months to dry.

i like OLYMPIC MAXIMUM stain in rosewood from lowes.
it will last 2 years or more. i do my steps every 2 years.
its easy to put on and looks great.

cabots i use on my IPE wood and iut lasts about 1 year and you have to take it all off to re-stain your ipe.
olyumpic you just wash off dirt and reapply.

for PT wood i really like the olympic maximum stain .

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