Fill in the Color! Exterior Patio Edition

gyr_falconApril 7, 2014

It is a beautiful day in Southern California. Please good GWers, would you join me outside and have some fun tossing around some exterior color ideas for the back of our house? Our house is ugh! white (sometimes blindingly so) and I would love to paint the entire exterior. That is not doable right now. The two immediate palette areas are primarily the covered patio walls, that runs the length of the house, and secondarily the too-reflective second story wall. The paint company we use is Dunn Edwards, but feel free to suggest colors from the companies with which you are comfortable.

My husband and I want to treat the patio almost as a separate outdoor area and maybe go with some color. Even under the patio roof, the walls are uncomfortably bright to the eyes during many times of the day/year so we are thinking towards the middle shades. The lower portion of the photo shows the stained patio cover and the beams, which along with the patio posts, are painted a dark brown. The lower right shows the color of the newly-stained patio area concrete (Cayenne). (The house photo is slightly behind the times the concrete below the slider and window has also been stained Cayenne).

The second story wall is too bright we need a quick fix. When we paint the white exterior, this section can be changed, too. For now, I was thinking of painting it a gray color so that it will visually blend into the grayish roof tiles (upper right in the photo, around the skylight) and not introduce yet another color into the mix. Our lot is typical SoCal narrow on the sides; the gray accent wall will not really look as weird as it might in other communities, because you cannot really view it other than straight on from the back yard. And, from straight on, you do not see the house's white side walls. But the upper wall needs to play nicely with the patio wall area color.

My husband and I have a tentative color in mind for a sample, but I'd rather not limit the input by revealing the current leaning. And it is far from a confident pick! Pink tones are not favored, but pretty much any other idea would be welcome for consideration. Or is the whole scheme all too crazy? C'mon, you know you're itching to tell me. :)


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Here's a wonderful green -- with a touch of gray in it ....

Here is a link that might be useful: Benjamin Moore Chopped Dill 496

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:-Oh, my goodness! You nailed our tentative color right out of the gate, teacats! Our chip was Dunn Edward's Battle Harbor. But the online pictures of Battle Harbor don't look quite the same as the color book; the chip has more green (olive?) in it, which I prefer. I held the paper up to the monitor, and BM Chopped Dill matches exactly. It could not be any closer! You made me feel more comfortable about spend the $ to purchase samples.

But I am still open to other ideas.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dunn Edwards DE6257 Battle Harbor

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Hmmmâ¦I'm not seeing green at all. Is that stucco? I think green cold look like vomit on stucco. Plus, you've got such pretty, stark pinks and yellows and red, and the green grass.

I think on stucco, clays and taupes look so good.

I think something like this would look beautiful, esp. with your black-trimmed windows.

Here is a link that might be useful: Benjamin Moore Iron Gate

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Or this beautiful color

Here is a link that might be useful: BM Stone Harbor

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And one more wonderful taupe:

Here is a link that might be useful: BM Taos Taupe

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I admit, I was struggling with just choosing a color, so I didn't even get to how the texture of the stucco would affect the appearance. One does not often see many green stucco houses that are beyond the pale green, come to think of it...

I wanted to get black framed windows, but apparently there is a problem with black frames in our climate. They are dark; close to the dark brown of the patio beams. Bronze was the official color. Not sure if they even show in the photo, but the awful gold frames of the kitchen windows and the large slider will be nixed with that phase of the remodel.

Edit for whoops, I cropped part of my message.

I am so visual that, unfortunately, I cannot just picture the colors in my mind. (Eats $$ for sample paint that skill lack, drat it.) I'll have to switch out the color suggestions in a photo program to visualize them.

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Taupe on stone w/bronze windows.

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Here is a stucco house in the Taos Taupe, which would be my choice. Gorgeous!

Stucco, because it is a stone product, looks best in earth tones, IMO.

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I agree with Tibbrix on this one. However, I think the olive colors would be great for patio furniture cushions or other accents, with turquoise, orange, red, or other bright colors on your patio.

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And this outdoor rug on the orange floor.

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Ah, man. You are going to talk me into going with only sensible and safe colors, aren't you? ;) Thank you for taking the extra time to put up the photos for me to see, Tibbrix (I was in the kitchen wasting the evening experimenting with a new dinner recipe that turned out to be not repeat worthy.) Wish our house has even a tenth of the character of the homes in those photos; the architecture and colors are lovely. My fear is probably that on our architecturally bland house, those colors will become nothing to get excited about. Something about lipstick and pigs nagging in the background of my mind...

I simply love everything about that colorful rug. And I often spend years finding furnishings that have that kind of draw. First I saved the photo so it could be referred to about the time my husband's memory about the load of work this has been begins to fade, and he might actually allow some of the concrete to be covered. And then I found myself searching for where you grabbed it online. Now I am trying to think of another place it could be used until the move to the patio, even though there is nothing in the budget for it at this time. You guys are dangerous; I'm supposed to be choosing paint!

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Gyr, link to the rug is below.

Don't confuse loving a color with picking the RIGHT color. they're very different things. Technically, you could paint your house hot pink with purple polka dots, because that is your absolute favorite color and patternâ¦but that doesn't mean your house will look good. It wouldn't. That sort of pattern is best left for kids' rooms and clothing, for example.

I don't think that, say, the Taos Taupe is playing it safe at all. I think it's enhancing the style and material of your house, which results in giving your house the best look it can have.

You then enrich the color of the house further with things like the rug, landscaping, hanging flowers off your veranda, potted plans in colorful ceramic pots, flower boxes on the windows, garden artwork, furniture, etc.

The Taos with your bronze windows would be gorgeous, IMO. Hang bright white sheer curtain panels inside, or get white wood blinds.

Granted, all of this is a matter of taste. But if you "love everything about that rug", then that tells me that you do like earthy, rich colors.

Here is a link that might be useful: Talavera rug

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I understand what you are saying. It fell into that trap on the interior after decades of renter's white fatigue; figured it was just paint, and in a few years when the need-color phase left my system, we could just paint again. But my husband loves the color with such a passion, he will never let me change it.

It is like pulling teeth to get my husband to invest in the decor-side of design, too. And with funds going into into a new business, and facing two future bathroom and a major kitchen remodel, the funding won't be trickling down to outdoor rug levels any year soon. But I pick some battles and occasionally get to work things in after a hard sell.

I changed the color on our house photo, quadruple checking that the match was right. But on the altered photo, the color just looked like a shade of white. I know it is not! But color is so frustratingly weird in how the surroundings affect how you see it. I'll try again with a different photo of just the patio area and see if that makes a difference.

Thank you for your input.

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I like green stucco. My docs office is that color . Its on the midtone olive side of green and has brown trim with darkish wood doors. I could easily see something like that working for your home. A midtone sage green might also work.

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Since your roof is a shade of grey would suggest you look more at the taupe or grey tones Tibb suggested, like those in the Stone Harbor or Taos Taupe family.

What does the front of your home look like? Is there any other detailing there that could be painted a contrasting color (columns, window trim) or does it also have the simple lines that are shown in the back? Maybe you could find a house nearby and just 'happen' to show DH how great your house could look one day if yours was painted a similar color, lol!

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I'm in the LA area and you see stucco in all colors. I painted my Spanish style house in DE Sahara (DEC747). The chip looks more gray but not the way it looks on the house.

One house I stopped and asked their color, it was BM Berkshire Beige, looked green on that Spanish style house, which was on a very shady lot.

Don't forget to use the DE elastomeric paint which is recommended for stucco, unfortunately it only comes in 5 gallon buckets.

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Oh good. I can maybe still consider the greens. :) I actually would like to narrow my choices to about three, then just mull them over. That is my decision process. But I was so stuck about being able to consider colors I was discounting. The fresh eyes have me looking at the wall in a new way. So helpful!

I call the roof tile color gray. To my eyes it is grey, with some darker marks to break it up, and a slight hint of green from certain angles in the right light. The company refers to this tile as Forest Green. I'm apparently color challenged, so maybe I am just missing the green forest. You be the judge.

Outsideplaying, I'll upload a front of house photo in a new post. It is much easier to upload photos from my computer, and GW only allows one per that way. The roof color is also easier to see from the front slope over the garage.

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Sheesh, GW sure enlarged my tile photo! Sorry--didn't know how to get them to upload at the size I had saved it at.

Our front of the house isn't much more exciting than the back architecturally. I plan to paint the beams around the garage doors a gray with a narrow black border trim to quick-fix get rid of some of the too-white there. It isn't that we don't want to paint the house, it is just that there are many other projects that are more urgent than painting the house. The entire place was has been nothing but projects since we purchased it, but we knew that going in. The gate, roof, windows, lighting and landscape were all improvements we did.

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And the entry area.(Yes, I know the landscape is a jungle.) The next tasks slated for this area are staining the concrete walk cayenne, tiling the step you cannot really see here, and replacing the front door. I haven't the vision to make the house architecturally interesting, although I am open to suggestions! And the door...well, I thought we could have fun in another thread about that.

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Thank you crispa for your color suggestions, too. The DE Sahara, if the monitor color is true, gives me flashbacks to the pinky/purplish undertoned beige that coated the entire interior of the house when we moved in. I couldn't face it again. But the more I view the Berkshire Beige, and similar colors, they seem to be growing on me.

Thank you too for bringing up the elastomeric paint. My husband has used it at work, but we hadn't really considered it for the house. We wouldn't need a bucket of paint for the patio area, but it would be something to consider for the overall house repainting. The house already has at least several coats of regular paint slapped on it that we know of, but the stucco paint would probably provide better coverage anyway.

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Gyr, no the DE Sahara is a nice tan/beige. The house was originally painted in that gold/mustard color that many people seem to use for Spanish style houses. It felt a bit too neon for me. The Sahara feels more grown up and classic. It ties in better with the pavers we added to the driveway and limestone tile we added to the patio. Lots of improvements here too ... seems to be never ending!

Another nice greenish color is BM Nantucket Gray. We used it on our first house when we lived in the northeast. Looks very different when used inside vs outside.

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You are correct. I dug out the paint fan and Sahara looks nicer isolated there. I really need to ignore how things look on the monitor. Although, I really do like BM Nantucket Gray on the monitor. The only paint fans I have are Dunn Edwards and Sherwin-Williams. I need to get over to a BM place and start pulling some color papers so I can compare the colors side by side.

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