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malibujason79August 3, 2014

I'm looking for some advise for the design of new patio stairs. I removed a small deck and had a new concrete poured. When the deck was removed, I left the ledger board attached to the house, as I will use this to help attach new stairs. I would like to use composite wood for the stairs but unsure of the design. I do not need the stairs the full length of the door since it only opens on one side. However if I don't build them the full length of the door, I feel that the new stairs will not look symmetrical.
One thought is to build basic stairs the width of the door and build flower boxes on either side. Another thought is to build box stairs. Where the stairs get smaller as they go up.
I'm open to any ideas and If you have pictures, thats a plus.


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I'd go full width, anything else will just look wrong. Then you can set flower pots on the unused half if you like.

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Thanks for the reply karin. Even though this is not leading directly into a door,here is what I was thinking with the flower boxes.

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Since the height isn't very much, I'd probably do a box stair with the bottom step the width of the entire bump-out and the 2nd step the width of the full sliding door.

Equally good choice would be box stairs the width of the door going straight down, with flower boxes filling up the space between the door and the edge of the bump-out.

BTW, box steps just refers to the method of construction; they don't have to be "pyramidal." Since it looks like you only need 2 steps, I'd go with box construction because it's a bit simpler than stringers.

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The top of the ledger board is 17" from the ground. I would like to only have 2 steps, but that would make 8 1/2" risers. I thought I read that the max rise should be 7 3/4", but will 3/4" over the max rise make a big diference. Making 3 step would be alittle over 5 1/2". I'm trying to keep the steps from sticking out to far from the house. I'm also undecided if I should do a double width on top step and standard width on the rest.

Thanks for everyones input so far.

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Consider what you will use the steps for. If you entertain a lot & carry food & all out that can be hard with narrow step on top or carrying little ones in & out. My son's house had 2 narrow steps & people kept falling off. He put in long & wider steps, it was front entrance so he used concrete. Wood landing would be safer., in your case, but maybe you folks leave door open while entertaining so the area just inside would be your "landing".

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I would do the full length of the door - that's how I've always seen it. Also consider if you ever replace your sliding door and rearrange the furniture you might want it to open on the other side - or some day you or a future HO may want French doors.

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Well I went with box stairs and I'm happy with the results so far. I plan stain/paint once the wood has dried out. Now I need to figure out the flower boxes for the sides. Size and design. Anymore input?

Thanks again to all who have replied.

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Another angle.

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Nice work! I think I'd make the flower boxes take up the rest of the width of that bump-out and go out to the bottom of the stairs.

And I'd make them a bit taller than the top stair. ...maybe a few inches below that outlet on the RH side.

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