Well I'm back home again after 5 weeks

MaeTJanuary 26, 2014

and have my flannel washed to go on the baby pajama quilt that I am making for my granddaughter.
Looking at the package that the warm and white is on and it says on the back " Just like warm and natural you can quilt warm and white up to 10 inches apart or make a tie quilt and pre-washing is not required, unless you need to pre-shrink the batt. Shrinkage will be less than 3% with the first washing. (then it tells you how to pre-shrink the batt). Wondering if I should pre-shrink the batting. Has anyone done that?
I think I preshrunk the batting for the baby quilts.

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I say NO! I use Warm and White on most all my quilts. I prefer it to Warm & Natural because I do not have to worry about the Natural making the white fabric darker or leaching stains.
The Warm and White will shrink and you get that nice crinkle look and definition to the quilting. If you do not want that look, you may want to switch to the Warm Blend -- which I also like!
I personally think it is difficult (and nuts:~) to preshrink a batting. There are other products available to purchase if you don't want the shrinkage.
This is for the cute jammies quilt you recreated from a picture - am I right?
Welcome home and back to quilting!

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Yes its for the jammies quilt that I recreated from a picture. Guess i'm going to wash it LOL. I don't want that crinkle look on those quilts that I'm making for my granddaughters. not sure if my DIL will like that look. She isn't into quilting at all. Thanks for suggesting warm blend. I'll look for that online.
I have a couple of quilt tops that I have to quilt for myself. May try not washing the batting on those.
I always used polyester batting until I started making quilts for my granddaughters. Their baby quilts had warm and natural and I found a piece that was left over and I know now that I washed it.

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The Warm Blend will still give you that crinkly look, only less so.
Why don't you look for a polyester low loft batt to use. I buy some poly from the sewing machine shop I go to for wall hangings and table runners, but I don't know the brand. I've also used it for charity quilts and it does not shrink and crinkle after washing. Just do not use the poly poufy batt.
This is going to make a really cute and wonderful quilt. How do you plan to quilt it? I think it is a wonderful idea and want to see it finished.

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Well I washed it tonight and put it in the dryer. I followed the instructions on the bag and used my laundry sink so it wasn't really difficult to do. I squeezed as much water out as I could and when it was almost dry I hung it over my ironing board, didn't want to leave it in the dryer any longer.
Hopefully I will get all the layers together this week and have it ready to quilt. I'm not sure yet how to quilt it so will probably be back for ideas on that.

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