36 inch wide pantry cabinet with roll-out shelves

janet_425March 23, 2010

The lumberyard cabinet people say that a 36 inch wide pantry cabinet with rollout shelves (in the first draft of my new kitchen design) will hold a similar amount of stuff as my 48 inch wide pantry closet with 16 deep shelves, because with the roll-outs I will be able to use the deeper cabinet space more effectively.

If anybody has one of these pantries, could you comment on how you like it? Does it seem to hold more than it looks to you? Has it been easy to organize?


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We have a similar pantry but it is 24 inches. We have 5 rollout shelves and 3 shelves. We love it very much and yes you can store lots in there. My party things, my pharmacy and medication. Your bar could go in there, glasses etc. Good luck

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I have two pantry cabinets, and couldn't decide whether to do roll-outs or shelves so I got one of each. I love the roll-outs! It's so easy to access stuff all the way in the back. I can fit more on shelves because since face-frames force the roll-outs drawers to be narrower, but sometimes stuff on the shelves gets shoved to the back, never to be seen again. I put often used items like canned goods, cereal, pasta, etc. in the rollouts and baking supplies and lesser-used things on the shelves.

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We have 2 pantries with rollouts, side by side. One is about 20" and the other is 40". They are about 20" deep. I wasn't sure if I wanted these cabinetry pantries v. double doors with a step-in pantry. I LOVE the roll-outs! I have 4 rollouts, with stationary shelves above. Have barely used the shelves, and the rollouts are not even half full. They are great. Originally we were supposed to have 5 rollouts, and they messed up and only gave us 4. I think I actually prefer it- plenty of space still, plus enough vertical space between each rollout to be able to peek in and seen what is going on in each rollout without even pulling it out. They are great!

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Sorry, but I have to disagree w/your KD/"lumberyard cabinet people". Walk-in/Step-in pantries generally hold much more than pantry cabinets. Not only can you utilize the entire space (floor-to-ceiling), but you can utilize the side walls to hang brooms/spices/batteries/etc., but you can also put in shallow 9" or 12" shelves on the side walls for canned good (9") or small appliance (12") storage.

For many great ideas, see the thread below.

Something to keep in mind: KDs make more $$$ on cabinets than they do on non-cabinet style pantries. I'm not saying that's why they're steering you to cabinets, but it is something to keep in mind.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thread: Pantry photos/ pics of pantries

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If her pantry closet is only 16" deep I don't think it's a walk-in/step in, unless it's a deep closet with 16" shelves.

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If I understand correctly, your current 48" wide pantry has 16" deep shelves, but the new 36" wide pantry would have full-depth (24") roll-out shelves?

I currently have a 24" wide x 24" deep pantry w/ roll out shelves. Although you may well be able to fit the same amount of foodstuffs in the new one, I find that I struggle WAY more trying to keep my pantry organized--MUCH more so than when I had a walk-in closet w/ 14" deep shelves. Yes, I can fill this deeper one very full, BUT I CAN'T SEE WHAT'S IN IT EASILY!! In my former house/pantry, I knew-and could see--for example, that I had 4 cans of green beans (lined up from front to back of shelf). And next to that was a row w/ only 2 cans of corn. Ok, time to buy more corn. It was SO much easier to organize and stay organized w/ the shallow depth pantry. But in my current, deep one, the corn may have to be placed farther back, behind the green beans, to begin w/. Then things get lost and shifted around out of place ALL the time b/c you cannot see at a glance what is in there. The item you're looking for can just get buried by all the other stuff! Never had that problem before--and not planning on having it again, after our planned kitchen remodel at the end of this year--I'm going to have a 6' wide x 15" deep pantry built for that very reason. Can't wait :-)

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Thanks for all the responses... You guys are all great.

buehl -- no, it's not deep enough to have use of the wall space, just the shelves.

niffy -- thanks for the reminder that I can have more than one pantry. If I end up not doing the 24 inch deep pantry, I will play with two pantries to get more width.

jbrig -- that's exactly what I'm afraid might happen. I'm a big fan of those "stairstep" shelf organizers to keep everything in view, and using them in the new pantry would raise cans etc, over the lip of a roll-out, so I'm not sure they would work.

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We're in the process of finishing our pantry. (I'm investigating revolving shelves in another topic).

How is the best way to install sliding shelves? My space is 41"Wx67"Hx34"D. The walls are sheetrock.

I would like to install (3) 16" deep sliding shelves spaced 16 high with a fixed shelf on top.

Should I install regular shelves, then bottom mount other shelves w/slides on them or just wall mount the shelf slides to 3/4" panels? (41"x16" shelves)

What kind of materials and plywood should I use?

Any advice would be appreciated!

Would these work?


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