Are you quilting this weekend? Jan. 25-27

lindaoh_gwJanuary 25, 2013

I finished a quilt top this afternoon. It is a BOM from last year and I had to add sashing and borders.
This weekend I want to quilt a small quilt that is loaded on the frame and read a book that DH gave me for Christmas. I also have a table runner, 4 placemats, and a small quilt that need the binding hand stitched.
Are you quilting this weekend?
Linda OH

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I had hoped to get the last 25 blocks of the Rail Fence Zig-Zag done but DH had other plans. Five hours later we're home and I'm exhausted! Soooo, maybe I can get them done later tonight or tomorrow. This quilt will be in blues, oranges and greens and is for an 8 year old young man that I had made a quilt for when he was born. Since he still sleeps with it every night, he recently asked his mom if she thought I would make him another quilt ...... a little wider and longer. Thought I'd make it about twin size.

I went to the LQS for white backing a few days ago....would you believe they didn't have wide white??? And this was a quilt shop!!! Finally ordered online so will have to wait to work on Katie's quilt.

So, yes, I hope to quilt/sew this week-end. :-)


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I plan to FINISH a baby quilt this weekend that I have been trying to finish for a couple months and work on one or two Birthday Blocks for March. Also hope to read the book picked by my book club. We'll see how much I get done. If I get the quilt done I' ll post a picture.

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I have good intentions but not the get up and go...:(
I have 4 postcards to make for an exchange that were supposed to be mailed today and I have 15 blocks cut out for my Civil War Remembrance quilt and there they sit. Not sure if it is the deep freeze we are having here or the Winter blues or what. Anyone else feeling this way?


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Mary, I have been feeling that way this week. I think the cold weather has something to do with it. It has taken me all week to get the quilt top finished because I didn't feel like sewing until this afternoon.
Linda OH

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Starting a color wash hunter star wall hanging, and enjoying a quiet weekend with no plans!


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Well, Friday sneaked up on me and so yes, I officially have been quilting already this weekend if today counts. I finished all the blocks I want to do on the pink crazy quilt and this afternoon, I cut out the backing. I'm just going to do it fun and done style and get it out of the way. It sure knocked out my pink stash. So tomorrow I'll sit down to the machine I just put up and start some machine quilting on it. The sewing room is the toastiest room in the house and the deep freeze continues outside. I have ice building up on the inside of the back door. argh.

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One son was home this week working locally. He left this morning to go back to
Ottawa. Second son will be here tomorrow, after doing work in the US.
He goes back to France on Monday. And on Sunday, third son and wife will be here ( again from out of town) so we can have our Christmas dinner. I see NO time for quilting this weekend.
Maybe by Monday afternoon, I will get back to the baby quilt I started last week.
Or not!

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I'll be doing my usual Saturday morning applique as I desk sit. But, on the machine I am making lotto block samples. If the samples turn out well and they'd make a nice quilt, they are in. They will all be simple patterns this year and blocks that have been around a long time. I don't usually put my name in the pot but I look for blocks I'd love to get myself.

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Sounds like with all the work you're putting in you're entitled to put in your name!


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My goal is to finish my stained glass angel wall hanging. It's looking like I'm going to run short of bias tape by about six inches and I had looked forward to not having to go out of the house on Saturday so I'll have to see how it goes. I have a quilt that needs the binding hand-stitched and would like to start cutting out a top for Victoria Quilts. Lots to keep me busy!

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For the first time in a couple months, I am working on a quilt this weekend! It feels great to be back at it. I have a few other quilts in various stages that all need attention but I started something new instead; I decided it's time to do the T-shirt quilt.


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It's my turn for our Bible study/dinner rotation Sat. night with a baby shower first in the afternoon, so no quilting tomorrow. But Sunday afternoon is suppose to be rain/sleet/snow. Sounds like a good day to sandwich my DD's quilt. It's the biggest I've done to date, and I will have to tape it to the living room floor, etc. My knees aren't exactly looking forward to this though. LOL

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Working on the Marimekko scrap quilt. I have all the blocks done and one quadrant of the quilt completed. Need to layout the other three and then sew them all together. Then I can start on the birds of paradise wallhanging. Yes!

We took a sunset cruise tonight. It was so beautiful, and the wind cooperated so they put up the sails. It just doesn't get any better than that. Hawaii is so wonderful!

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Lois, Hawaii is wonderful're on your honeymoon...on a catamaran sunset cruise...and the waves start kicking up...with a slight drizzle...and you take your first sip of wine...and the stomach starts to churn...and people are sitting around the boat...and you try to make your way to the head below...but there is no time...and no time to check for direction of you just lean over the side of the ship and upchuck...with no thought to the direction the wind will take it...need I say more?

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I have been cutting out fabric for Granny Square quilt blocks every day for a little over a week now. I am not doing it per internet instructions, instead out of a desire not to waste fabric I am tracing/cutting triangles for the corners and sides with scissors and am not using my rotary cutter on this quilt project. Hopefully later this week I will get fabric for each block bagged up individually and figure out how many blocks I actually have cut out. I am having fun with the play of colors on these blocks. :-)

Best to you,

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I think I have enough t-shirts cut up and blocked to make this quilt! Very fast, fun and easy way to get back into the rhythm of quilting. It's going to be even bigger than I expected!

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I made this table runner Saturday afternoon. I needed to do something new this week! I've been working on UFOs all month.
Linda OH

Here is a link that might be useful: Quilting Linda

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Perfect timing too! Love the bold stars.

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Everyone has been so busy!

Linda, I love that table runner... very nice!

Kate, how did it feel to get back in the saddle?

I decided to make a practice quilt because I'd never done sashing before and I want to make sure it's going to go well before I waste good fabric... I decided to do 9 squares, each 5 inches square with 2 inch sashing between everything. I picked some ugly scrap fabric since it was just a test, but I kept cutting the squares wrong, partly because I wasn't paying attention and partly because I don't understand the new omnigrid ruler... I kept ending up with 5 x 4 inch rectangles instead of 5x5 inch squares... I finally got them all cut out. I began sewing and kept getting a birds nest (I'd just brushed lint out of the bobbin case area and I never get it back in right the first time)... I decided to take a break and go back to it when I feel more ready.

I missed a deal on a great sewing machine and I'm a little sad, but it probably wasn't meant to be. A seller listed a Bernina 200 (without the 730 upgrade) and I wrote the same night, but he said he'd already promised it to someone else... I don't know why the ad was still up, got my hopes up for no reason! It was probably ovepriced as that is a pretty old machine by now and he was asking 1000 for it, but I knew Berninas keep their value. The search continues.

Looking forward to the upcoming quilt show :o)

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"Kate, how did it feel..."

It felt like THIS!

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