Plastic and Stone for ground under deck?

mrmichaeljmooreAugust 20, 2007

Is putting down plastic then covering with stone still the accepted plan for the ground underneath a deck?

My IPE deck will be about 3' off the ground at its highest.

I was going to put down the plastic and then stone. I figured the plastic would prevent the moisture from coming up though the ground and possibly giving me problems (cupping...)

The deck will not be fully enclosed....maybe some lattice at a later date. So I think ventilation should be ok.

So is the plastic and stone a good plan?

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Plastic under the deck is a bad idea for a lot of reasons.Encluding the fact that water will sit on top of it,all kinds of bugs just love the protection, elbino plants will work their way under it.

Using plastic wrap has never been an accepted plan out side of the box stores and that mis informed this ol house show. I cant see any reason to put down stone at all. J.

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So, should you just leave bare dirt under the deck if that's what is there now? What if there is a slope? Would rock help then?

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If you have major fall going on under your project like 3' in 6' its a good idea to make sure the gutters are chanled way down hill and any strong natural drainage has been delt with to keep the water from washing away the deck foundation. Placing stone/rock if these things are not done is going to have little effect. Placing it after the work has been done will have little effect.

Your foundation in areas like that needs to be installed way below the low point of the pier and in line with local codes.

Otherwize I just leave bare dirt under the deck. John

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John: I want to use the area under my deck/porch as concealed storage (wheelbarrow, bicycle, tools, etc. I'd prefer a surface other than dirt. Do you think it's okay to put down gravel? I guess I don't need the plastic, but some sort of pebbles or gravel would be nice.

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I disagree with John on this. I would put plastic down. If the area under the deck was level, I would cut slices in the plastic for drainage. I would, and have, put bluestone gravel under decks on a regular basis. A small brick border to keep the stones in place.
Any gutters that drain in the area of the deck get put into 4" drain PVC buried under the ground and routed away from the underside of the deck.

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Sure ange, anything under there is ok for that kinda use,gravel/pebbles would be fine. J.

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Guys,we are not building a pianna here,The little Girl just wants to park the bike under there. Cuting slices in plastic ghessssssssss how stupid is that.

If a person wants to really go at it then sure,pipe the gutters away from the deck like I already said. J

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I used a heavy duty weed barrier under 4" of gravel. The weed barrier allows moisture to pass through and minimizes weed growth. This has worked well for me.

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Use a weed barrier or "landscaping cloth" and not plastic, just like John said. If you cut holes in the plastic then why bother even putting it down? The cloth that is made for this is rated by the number of years it will last, we used the 15 year and put about 3 inches of 5/8 crushed stone on top, the kind that packs in and stays put, not pea stone. While building the deck you could walk around on it fine without it getting all dug up.

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