How to calculate freeform pool gallons?

luvh20June 7, 2011

Can anyone tell me how to calculate the gallons of water in my freeform pool?

The pool is 32'long,and 23' at it's widest point(which is on a diagonal) and 3.5-7.5 feet deep.

Should I get a measurment from three differnt areas of the width, and then average that out?

So would the calculation look like something like this:

L x average width x average depth= pool gallons?

Am I close, or wayyyy off??

Thanks for your help

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Yep, average the width and multiply by length to get your surface square footage. It wont be perfect since its freeform, but it'll be close (its best if you have a blueprint that gives you surface square feet)

There are 7.5 gallons in a cubic foot.

So, the formula you are looking for is surface square footage x avg depth x 7.5

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Thanx kspoolman
I figured it out to be around 23.5k - 24k.
Close enough in my book.

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