What color grout would you use with these subway tiles?

positanoMarch 18, 2012

I'm posting this on kitchens, since so many of you know your grout!

We are renovating our upstairs bathroom, very small!

White subways around the tub and about 42 inches around the rest of the room with a chair rail.

Honed Carrerra 1 inch hex for floor

Vanity being painted Sherwin Williams Amazing Gray

Cambria Torquay counter

I am grouting the floor with Tec in Mist, a nice medium gray shade. I was thinking Delorean Gray, but now feel it's too dark.

My first thought was to use Tec silverado for white subways. It's very similar to Silver Shadow from Laticrete. Just a nice light grey.

Now I'm worried that the light gray will look too busy since I have so much subway. What color would you do?

Will white grout yellow over time and be a pain to keep clean?

do you think the silverado would be ok?

Here are some pictures...Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much, need to make a decision by morning!! From Bathroom Renovation

The grout on the right is Mist(the one I like), left is delorean gray.

Camria Torquay sample and sliver of my cabinet color. ignore the piece of wood with the dark gray color.

From Bathroom Renovation

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After discussing your issue with my wife who is the tile expert, she agrees with you on the white. She has tiled a number of bathrooms for friends, including our own. She tends to agree with you that white is the best choice since a dark grout will make it look too busy. White grout will work fine as long as you seal it, as you should do with any grout. Actually, my brother used the exact same subway tiles for his kitchen backsplash and he also used white for the grout and it looks great. Any dark contrast would've been too much. We think you are on the right track!

Bob and Thalia

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I would not do the white grout with the subway tile, they would just all blend together and then keeping it all clean would be a pain. I like your idea of using the medium gray grout. My brother and his fiance recently finished a bathroom update and did subway tile in their bathtub alcove and they used a medium gray grout. Sorry, can't think of the name but I do remember that it was slightly darker than silver shadow b/c that is one we used for our tile floor. It looks great!

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White. It hasn't been difficult for me to keep clean.

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I like the Mist grout on the right best.
I finally posted some (not very good) photos of our hex marble floor with TEC Silverado grout on your post in the Bath Forum.

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I think lt gray would look lovely. I don't think it would be too busy. You don't want all that beautiful tile to fade away. I'd want it to pop. It is beautiful.

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The Mist grout looks great. I would go with white for the subway tile. I think the tile themselves give enough texture.

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I appreciate the help and Francoise I just saw your pictures, your bathroom is so gorgeous!!

Your silverado looks lovely and I think that is what I am going to use on the subways.

Thanks again everyone!!

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Circus Peanut

I've got Laticrete's Silver Shadow with white subway in my bath and like it quite a bit, it's subtler than your Mist but not as blah as white. Go for Silverado! (And go for the epoxy version if at all possible, the stuff wears like iron.)

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I don't understand the point of using period-looking tile and then trying to make them all disappear with white grout. Also, white is actually harder to color match to the caulk you'll be using in the corners. A lot of white caulk darkens to gray, and the whiter whites have a neon-y yellowish tinge.

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I just came across this thread, and don't know if anyone is still reading, but wanted to write, because I just put up my backsplash (in a new white shaker style kitchen). Everyone who sold the white subways said to use white for the grout. But most people in Gardenweb were saying to use gray? I didn't end up buying at home depot, but a guy there said it best. He said that the "authentic" color of grout used with subway tiles at the beginning of the century was always white. I told him mine looked creamy to me, and he said "If the tile reads white, at all, when you look at them, use "bright white".

When you see subway tiles in a movie and the grout looks gray, that is done to make them look very old and that the grout has gotten dirty/discolored after many years. He said it is was in the 1980's that gray or black grout started to be used with a white tile. The brick pattern doesn't dissapear with white grout. You can still see the brick pattern under lighting because the tiles aren't totally flat. It's a cleaner look with white and authentic to the early century rather than the 80's.

The original subway tile did not have beveled edges. This allowed a smooth surface as opposed to the modern tile which really defines separation in the installation.

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