Accuquilt Go fabric cutter

lindaoh_gwJanuary 30, 2011

My DH gave me the Go cutter for Christmas. I want to use it to help me get my scraps under control and to cut appliques that would be very time consuming to cut with scissors. I have the tumbler block, fall medley, holiday medley, and circle dies. If you have a cutter, which dies do you have?

I went through some of my older fabrics and scraps this weekend and cut lots of tumbler blocks. I used red, green, and blue for the dark blocks and left over creams and tans for the light blocks.

I should be working on the Double Wedding Ring but starting this new project is more fun.

I would like to know what you have made with your cutter.

Linda OH

Here is a link that might be useful: Tumbler blocks

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I use alot of 2 1/2 inch die,the 6 1/2 inch, triangle,I am thinking of ordering the circles. I have adthiritis in my wrist and couple fingers so this has been helping me. I had one since last summer. Make sure you really read how to use it like putting it at a little angle to use it.

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finchelover, I have been watching a lot of the u-tube tutorials for the Go cutter. They are very informative. The last one I watched was about cutting on the straight grain so they don't stretch while cutting.
I love the fact that the corners are cut off so angled pieces fit together perfectly. I think I am going to have a lot of fun with this.
Linda OH

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Linda - absolutely make sure you cut on the straight of grain with the selvage edge running parallel to the side of the "GO". This is especially important for the 6/2" square and larger dies. The squares will be slightly smaller if you cut with the selvage edge parallel to the roller. I cut 48 squares, using Kona, before I discovered they were not accurate. I contacted Accuquilt who informed me this was operator error (ME). I am disenchanted with my Go as a result.

There is a Yahoo group you should join for more info you can
read in a lifetime~lol~ also sign up for the Accuquilt newsletter on the Go site.

I am anxious to see how you use it.

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Thanks for the reminder. I found that some of the 4.5 inch squares that I cut on Christmas were smaller than others. Now I know why that happened.
When I cut the tumblers I was careful to put it through the cutter on the straight of the grain. All of the tumblers that I have sewn together have been perfectly sized.

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I have the 2&1/2, 4&1/2 that came with it and I purchased the 5 and 6&1/2 dies.
There can be a lot of fabric waste (IMO) so I cut my fabric first, or fold it so the left over scrap will be large enough to use in a scrappy quilt.
In the beginning I did have a learning curve, I felt so DUMB, what can be so hard about turning a handle to cut fabric lol!!!!!
THEN I took the time to watch the videos!!!!!!! My only prob is I have a small sewing room so I have to put it away in the closet and move things around when I want to use it. It has really helped me, cutting fabric is my least fav part of quilting. I would rather iron than cut!!!!!!!!

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I really don't mind cutting with a rotary cutter. That is why I plan to buy the dies for things that are more difficult to cut like the tumbler. I want to get the drunkard path die. I have been wanting to make a quilt with that block for a long time but didn't want to cut it out. My DD says not to buy all of the dies that I want, to leave some for her to buy me next Christmas. We'll see how soon I want to make it. LOL

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You guys are making me want to put this machine on my wish list! Since I consider myself still a newbie to quilting, I have a lot to learn, including how to cut with a rotary cutter. Accuracy in cutting is so critical. I did look at one at Joann's over the holidays. Pretty neat tool :-)


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The main thing I like about the cutter is the accuracy. It will never replace my rotary cutter, but I do use it. I have 2 books of 'nickel' scrap quilts that I could cut out the entire top with the Go. Makes charity quilts come together faster too.
If you decide to get one shop around as I have seen some sales.

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I used my GO for first time yesterday and very disappointed that with the tumbler die it is not a clean cut with just 2 layers of cotton quilting fabric. I still have to do a lot of cutting with scissors. Any suggestions?

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