Yellow Cedar deck finish ?

virtualaudioAugust 27, 2011


Im having a deck installed and the contractor applied a clear Sikkens finish on all 4 sides of new knotty yellow cedar boards last fall, nov 2010. About 20 of the finished boards were left out over the winter and all them darkened to a moldy yellow-gray. Several of the boards that were left outside are also splitting and checking badly. A store rep came out and said it might have been mill glaze or an over application of the product. Any other ideas here ? thanks !

Id post pics but they are all covered as we buttoned up for the hurricane!

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No Ideas ??

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I am not understanding the problem.

Have you not installed the decking yet or are you worried about the all the decking that was pre finished and left outside in 2010.

In any case no clear or natural outdoor finish has any uv protection. Sikkans,if thats how you spell it , has a low grade protection from mold/mildew.


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Thanks John! Yes, the deck has not been fully installed yet and Im worried about all the pre-finished boards. Some of those boards that were exposed all winter failed miserably.

I guess at this point I need to have the boards stripped, sanded and refinished with something else. Any suggestions ?

The rep from the store where the sikkens was purchased says they are pushing people away from sikkens now and recommendeing somehting from benjamin moore..forgot the name.

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If I have this right some of the decking has been installed and some of it hasent starting in 2010.

All of it was prefinished.Some of them have surface checks. I vote to finish the install in a timely nature with the material you can live with. If you replace some of it dont pre finish it. Mill glaze is an urban mith.

After the install is done and you think it needs it strip the finish, use an oxalic acid wash, put more finish on. I use twp product, sells good product as well.


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I agree with jh. I think the clear finish was a mistake, needs to be removed completely on all accessable surfaces and the stain removed with bleach of some sort. Several products out there to do that. Then use only an oil based finish. I believe TWP or Cabot are reliable. Select one that is not transparent if you want it to last. The pigment is the most effective UV blocker, but it is also ugly compared to wood grain. You will need to use your taste to select what you want.

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Using bleach on any outdoor wood is a bad and out dated idea.


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