Tigerwood deck color fading before complete. Help!

wear_your_babyAugust 14, 2012

We are constructing a 12x32 tigerwood deck ourselves on weekends. It is taking longer than expected (surprise!), and the beautiful color of the hardwood is fading considerably. Please tell me this can be saved.

What do we need to do? Is this a big emergency to finish up ASAP? From what I've read here, maybe oxalic wash, sanding, TWP 100? Am I on the right track? Can it be good as new? Lots of detail would be great for us DIYers.

Thanks in advance!

Current state (in evening lighting, so not quite as bad as it looks here):

2 months ago in early stages:

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Can anyone help me? Construction is almost complete but the deck is very light compared to new. It looks pretty when it rains, though. Do we need to sand? We are running out of time. We are in VA and frost is coming...

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Unlike composites, when a natural wood fades it can be brought back. The fading or Graying is a combination of some sun fading, dirt, pollen, and pollutants in general settling on the surface. 3 Ways you can bring back the color -

-Use a Hardwood deck Cleaner. Messmer's has a part A and B process for this. It's a sandy powder you mix with water and scrub the deck with. After doing this use a Hardwood Deck oil which will help prevent the sun fading. Messmer's, Ipe Oil, etc. work great. The deck oil will also darken the wood like in your second picture.

-Second route would be to sand the deck, I've had Customers rent a floor sander to get the job done. (Also Oil the deck oil afterwords).

-The quickest, yet riskiest way would be to pressure wash the deck. I don't recommend this because you could end up with splintering and damaging the wood.

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Thank you, Bob. This is exactly what I've been dying to know. I will look into the Messmer's cleaner and proceed from there. I'll be back, I'm sure!

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Sorry, I missed this the first time around. We had graying as well, as it took me about 3 weeks to get all the garapa decking down and the first had started turning gray by then. We sanded the whole thing with a floor sander (and ROS in the tight spots) and it returned the wood to its original luster. Stained shortly thereafter and it looked great.

The same should work for your tigerwood.

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