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housefulJune 1, 2011

I had my water tested at Leslie's. I told him the pool looked great, but I couldn't keep chlorine levels up. He said that I have fallen for the old-wives tale about CYA levels. My pH was a high, which I knew, and he said that could have to do with the low chlorine. My phospates were over 1,000 and he said that was my number one problem. He said I should not waste my time testing for CYA until I get my phospates under control. He also advised putting two caps of a phospate remedy into the pool each week just to keep it in check.

I can't remember where, but I read recently that phospates do not matter. Who to believe?

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I forgot to mention that he asked why I was using liquid rather than granules. That's when I told him that it increases CYA.

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Leslies stores near me try the same Phosphate shuck and jive every time I am in there. They have uninformed pool owners lined up who spend money on stuff they may not really need.

I suggest you go here and read up, it really helped me learn about what is in my water. These guys really know what they are talking about...


Check specifically the ABC's of pool water chemistry.
The rest of the site has great info as well.

Good luck.

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