Reach of Waterstone faucet, under the ticking clock of doom

justmakeitMarch 22, 2013

OK, the "ticking clock of doom" is a slight exaggeration.

But, here's the situation: tomorrow my plumber is installing my new Waterstone contemporary pulldown faucet. I'm concerned that the extended reach faucet the KD ordered may be too big for my sink. I have a stainless steel sink: double bowl, 9" bowl on the left and 21" bowl on the right. From front to back, the small bowl is 16 inches and the large bowl is 18 inches. The faucet sits in the corner between the two bowls. It looks perfect in the large bowl, but when I swing it around to the small bowl, it reaches very far forward: 7 inches from the front. Do you think I'd do better with the regular version instead of the extended reach version?

The extended reach has an 11" span, and the regular one has a 9" reach.

If I'm not sure, I can postpone the installation.

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I have the Waterstone PLP - might be the same model.
I have the standard reach and there are times I wish I had the extended reach - although DH probably wouldn't like the extended reach.

I set up a cardboard sink and coat hanger for a faucet and played with placement.

I ended up putting the faucet in line with the drain - My initial plan was to center it or put it at the divider.

They drilled the faucet hole at the house, so was OK

So go get a coat hanger and play!

Here is a picture

Turned to the side

Turned to the other side

PS - Waterstone is replacing our head with a different style as some have drooled out of the switch. They are re-designing the latch head (I think I am the only person who ever had a problem with a Waterstone...but I still love it and would recommend it)

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A2gemini -- I think the very first time I ever heard of Waterstone was from you :-) Love your faucet! Would you mind telling me how big your sink is? (I'm thinking mainly of width side to side.)

Sadly, the hole has already been drilled, so I haven't got any alternative placements available.

Thanks for your help!

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