purcellville, va looking for pool builder

indecisive101June 2, 2011

We are in the initial stages of calling for quotes. Wondering if there is anyone in the Purcellville area that had a great experience and would recommend their builder. Also, still up in the air on concrete or fiberglass. Would love to hear your opinion on those too!

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I didn't know where Purcellville, VA was located so I looked it up on Google Maps. I am having a pool built by BackYard Creations out of Frederick, MD. I know he is currently building a pool in Carlisle, PA and I am in Carroll Co, MD (almost Howard Co). so you wouldn't be far from him at all. I can give you all the pros and cons if you would like to email me privately. My pool is 1000sq ft. gunite. I am getting my deck next week and hoping for the whole project to be finished by around 6/14. I would even welcome you to come and see my pool if you are interested in BYC. Their website isn't great www.bycpools.com but Steve has been in business for a long time. I met with 5 PB's and Steve gave us the most for our money and we knew someone who used him and liked him. Good luck.

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@Megan, I am trying to figure out how to email you. I am not far from you. I actually called Backyard Creations today and hope to have someone come out and see what they think would work in my yard. If it looks like we are going to go with them I would love to come see your pool. Thank you. I would also like to hear your pros and cons too. Is there somewhere with a link to your email?

@poolcenter, thank you for the referral, I will look into Hunt Country Pools too.

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My email address is megankheaps@hotmail.com. Please send me an email. I would be glad to talk to you about my experience. The pool guys told me that Steve (owner of BYC) is doing a pool just south of Leesburg and it is running upwards of $600K. I can't even fathom what it must look like. They said it has caves and waterfalls and the spa alone is as big as the shallow end of my pool and my pool is 1000sq ft with a 70sq ft spa.


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I have a pool being built by BYC. It has been under construction since sept 2010. Use your own judgement on our happiness level. Poor customer service would be an improvement over what we have received.

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Rhonda, thank you for your input. We are talking to a few PBs and still need to make a decision of gunite or fiberglass. we will go from there. I appreciate your time and hope your pool is completed soon so you can enjoy it!!

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@ Rhonda- I am in the same boat as you with BYC. We signed on 8/18/10 and got our hole dug in Sept. What stage is your pool at now? I have shed many tears over this pool, but I can take comfort in knowing that I have never know anyone who was 100% happy with their PB. We almost went with another builder and since Oct I have known 2 people that had a pool build by him and they said he never returns phone calls and he takes a lot of shortcuts. This other company even put in the incorrect coping for one couple and they were kind enough to not make them take it out and he had the nerve to fight them on some other matter that was way simpler than removing coping. Steve put in the wrong filter for us and 1 voice mail message later the wrong filter was out and the new one was installed. I knew I didn't want to go with a big company (MD Pools, Anthony Sylvan) b/c I wanted to deal with the owner. I do know for a fact that the people that i had mentioned in Leesburg are not happy either. I won't say where I got that info but I know it to be true.

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Is it realistic to me to think that once I choose a pool builder, I always be "in the drivers seat"? I too am in northern Va. I mean I plan on holding back money so that the pool builder is trying hard to satisfy me to get the draw for THAT portion. IF not, I will not pay him and threaten to get someone to finish it up by! IS that possible? We built our own home and realized that people paid ahead of time aren't striving to satisfy us in a timely matter. Thoughts??

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