Kohler Whitehaven Sink Rack

brakehardMarch 24, 2013

Hello all,
This is my first post, but have been lurking for some time.
My DW and I will be starting a "refreshening" of our kitchen in July. We signed a contract last month, but the guy is so busy, that is his next slot. Part of what we are doing is the Kohler Whitehaven sink. I know they make a ss sink rack, but is anyone aware of a regular vinyl mat that would fit the sink? Since the drain is in the upper right corner, the demand may not be great enough for a company to manufacture one. Also, any comments on their ss rack would be appreciated.


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I am curious about anyone who has the rack as well as this is the sink I am getting in my kitchen. I can say I have had a cast iron sink before and pots and pans will leave marks and over time the bottom of my sink got kind of grayish from all the tiny scratches/marks. So I will definitely be protecting the bottom of my sink.

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We bought the rack Kohler makes for the sink, it wasn't that expensive in the context of the build ($80 through Ferguson's wih our builder and he builds about 8 houses a year, I doubt his discount is that big) and I didn't want to be mad at myself if I scratched the sink up.

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I have the 36" whitehaven with the kohler ss rack to match. I really like it, and cannot see a reason to get a vinyl mat. The ick factor of a vinyl mat would bother me. I'm no dainty flower in the kitchen, and I have yet to have any scuff marks on the sink.

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Just chiming in that I am also thinking of getting this sink and wondering if people are happy with it.

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Thanks for all your replies. twn85, I understand about the ick factor. I think I'm more anal than my DW, so my thought is I wouldn't want to trash the nice SS Kohler rack. But then again, I guess that's what it's for!

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We are also getting the same sink. I just have to decide on the color. White or sea salt? Decisions decisions.

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Holly- Kay

The Whitehaven is the sink I am getting also. I wanted the corner drain design. I asked my KD about this and he wasn't familiar with it. He had me scheduled for the Dickinson model. He called today and said he found the Whitehaven and likes it so much that it is going to be the apronfront sink that he recommends. He said the design will make for a much easier install. I am so glad I mentioned it to him. I was going to do the white but I wonder if there is a better color choice?

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