ceramic tile over existing wood deck?

ginger_texasAugust 12, 2005

We have a beat up, ugly, high maintenace cedar deck attached to the second level of our house. There is a flat-roofed room below it.

We want to redo the deck, and are considering porcelain tile. Several deck builders discouraged us. However, a home builder said it could be done easily, by laying Hardiplank over the existing deck to created a solid subfloor, then the tile on top.

Any opinions? Is it a reasonable idea, or should be stick with a wood or composite deck?

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I would never bid a job like that,if this home builder is willing to stand by it for a few years after completion you might want to check if its time for his medication. John

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Thanks for your response. This guy did seem a bit manic. Why exactly is is a bad idea? Is it because the tiles are too heavy? Will they eventually shift or crack due to instability of the subfloor?

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Ya Know Ginger,its not a bad idea,,,,,I have been playing with the tile thing for a while that is adding it on the corners or in the middle or around a fire pit. Its not the weight ipe would more weight its framing for the cement board, seeing as how someone might walk on it and all, x 100 for an upstairs project. If the cement board was installed over a wood deck we are back to movement issues, plywood might work but those little bug guys just love that stuff preasure treated or no thats why I am still thinking accent and not the entire floor,,less movement. Idea>>>> this would take perfect weather, install PT pine klin dried 2x6 Tounge & Grouve over 16'' on center joists with counstruction adhesive face fastened with ss screws, over this screw down the cement board with the same glue, use fiberglass web tape on the seams and glue down the tiles with high grade counstruction adhesive the kind that will take to frozen wood, grout in with outdoor stuff,seal the whole thing with tilt up concret sealer. I am thinking this would work all I am waiting for is someone to pay me to try it. John

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Very interesting...sounds pretty complex!

Anyway, we decided to skip the ceramic idea. After looking at composite and ipe decks, we fell in love with the ipe and will use it instead. Thanks for your information and opinions!

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If you like Ipe, consider Ipe decking tiles whcih I found in Better Homes and GArdens Garden Rooms Magazine. They recommended this product which has worked well for us in our home. I have the link below

Here is a link that might be useful: The Decking Outlet

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We are deck builders in Miami, I'd like to suggest to save your investment. If we make money building decks, I like to make people save their money as much as possible. You can use your money in something else you really need. Wish to have more info about it. You can send me some pics to know what got to be done, I'll be glad to help somehow. gpumar@deckbuildersmiami.com

Here is a link that might be useful: Composite Wood Decks Miami

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I painted my second story cedar deck with porch paint, then laid 12 x 12 slate tiles over the top as closely as possible. I did not glue or thinset or anything. I just laid them down. It has been 3 years. I was curious to see if anything was happening underneath so I picked up one row down the very middle. Everything looks good;no bugs, no mildew, no mold. The deck is now maintenance free like I wanted from the beginning and is more beautiful than ever!

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