lemon-yellow stain on granite (Colonial Cream)

SeeBuyFlyMarch 3, 2013

We have a granite countertop (Colonial Cream, reportedly a very porous granite, but well sealed). We have kept a large soap dish on it, with a white towel between the dish and the countertop, for a couple of years. The dish was moved for cleaning the countertop, every couple of months or so.

Nothing happened until recently, when a bright, irregular lemon-yellow stain appeared under it.

Now I know that stain removal starts with identifying the source of the stain. In this case we don't have a clue. The towel was dry but could possibly have become wet in the past from water spilled nearby. The color is nothing like the reddish-yellow color of iron. The area is still waterproof (unsealed areas turn brown upon becoming wet; this area doesn't).

I have tried #40 hydrogen peroxide with ammonia (Windex) and also bleach (separately!). Perhaps there is no reason they should work if the area repels water, but anyway they didn't work.

Any suggestions appreciated.

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No idea, but I have bad a bright blue stain on our travertine bathroom counter. A bottle of Windex tipped over and was slowly leaking. I just kept putting water puddles over it. After a few days the blue went away.

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Yikes! We are getting colonial dream granite whenever we finalize things for the kitchen. I didn't realize this was a porous granite. What did you do to make sure that the fabricators sealed it properly since it sounds like it has been sealed correctly...just for future reference.

Sorry I don't have any suggestions...don't have granite yet.
I hope some others will give you a solution :)

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Sorry, I don't have any experience with Colonial Dream, which is a much darker granite.

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could the color be dye bleeding from the towel? if yes it'll likely be very difficult to remove the stain.

when you tried the solvents did you make a poultice?

if no heres how to remove a stain:

make a poultice of the solvent mixed with diatamaceous earth or baking soda. should be wet but not runny.

put poultice over stain area and cover the poultice with plastic wrap. Tape down the plastic on 3 sides. (this allows the poultice to dry much more slowly, usually a co uple of days)

repeat if necessary.

if the stain is oil based it helps to warm up the stone.

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