Need help cleaning concrete pavers

amyhlrJune 3, 2014

I haven't been on this forum in many years, but could use your help. A few years ago we renovated the landscaping around our pool and installed concrete pavers. Over the years the pavers developed a white stain on them in the area underneath the white aluminum lounges. My husband now admits that he used a spray cleaner containing bleach to clean the lounges at the beginning of the season. Does anyone know how to clean the pavers? We already tried powerwashing, to no avail.

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It is my experience is that nothing replaces the color that is bleached out by the Chlorine. It may be easier to just replace the discolored pavers that are affected. It is pretty simple to do. Good luck.

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Thanks Golfgeek, it appears that I am stuck. The company that manufactured my pavers went out of business after 75 years.

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Try Gator Eflo clean. They may just have efflorescence bleeding through.

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