Pentair Minimax NT problem

katshotJune 11, 2011

My heater is approx. 7 years old. Was working fine but, when I went to turn it on yesterday, nothing. Green power light is on but, when I click the switch to either pool or spa, nothing happens. No fan, no nothing.

What should I check first?

Also, I have read some posts concerning these heaters that suggests that they have a digital readout that can provide diagnostic trouble codes. Mine has no such feature that I'm aware of.

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Have you backwased your filter?

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Recently? No. Why would that matter? Pressure and flow are fine.

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If you open the heater door you will see a little black box called a Fenwall there is a light on it that may be flashing count the flashes and in the door there should be a code listing telling you the problem based on the number of flashes.

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