Rocks under Pool Krete Not Good

doylineJune 30, 2011

A while back I posted a question about my PB putting gravel rocks, on the bottom of my pool on one side of the shallow end and then putting the pool krete on top. PB said it would help smooth out bottom just like you put gravel under concrete. I wondered if that was right because everything I read said bottom should be smooth and free of all rocks. So after a big rain storm my pool got big wrinkles then it got BIG ridges where the pool krete has broken and shifted up, some of the ridges are 3 or more inches high. This is all where the gravel and pool krete are. Service manager said he never seen anything like this! Eveyone on vacation this week, so next week they have to come back and take out liner and redo bottom of pool. I think I was right when I wondered what the heck the PB was doing. Now I wonder if the liner isnt damaged from all the stress on it. Still havent got a deck around it yet, that is coming tomorrow.

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If the soil under the rock is a heavy clay, they should have dug about a foot or so deeper and added more rock and a dry well point set in the deep end with a pipe leading to the surface. The rock should be the smallest available size, usually 5/8" gravel. This allows any trapped water to be removed in the future, like at liner changes.

The V-mix should be at least 2" thick.

The decking will help deflect surface water away from the pool.

Clays tend to shrink and swell with water content. The gravel will help reduce any shifting.

Was the pool full when the wrinkles and floor shift happened?


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Yes the pool was full. They used regular big road gravel, not pea gravel. There was a big storm during the time they were putting in the pool krete the first time and had to come back and redo it and they patched alot instead of digging it out. Dont know if this had anything to do with it.

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