What kind of curtains can i use for these odd windows..

adib_yApril 18, 2014

Hi guys, I have two windows in my apartments that are adjacent to wall, what kind of covering do you suggest i use for these windows?

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I'd leave the top pane as it is and put privacy film on the bottom two. The handle looks like it would be in the way of blinds or curtains.

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Those are very odd windows! Maybe floor to ceiling panels the same color as the wall to help them disappear?

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Annie Deighnaugh

what do you need the treatment to do? privacy? light control?

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I like to use something more creative since these windows are in living room.
I cant cover them compeletly, I need the light.
for left window privacy and for the right one and door, light control.

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I would put a curtain rod above both of the double windows (not the upper pane one - unless that is also needed for privacy) and put some matching light weight fabric curtains that can be easily slid left or right as desired using some color and/or pattern. Pretty interesting windows for sure, please show us what you come up with!

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Hi, adib, This may sound like a silly question, but do you want to be able to see out the windows, or just have the light that comes through them? I ask because I thought of the privacy film type of covering that I have linked below.

There are many variations of similar products, some with designs in them, but they do help with privacy. You may be able to use this up to a certain height, rather than cover the entire expanse of glass, which would allow privacy, but then allow you to see out above it. It would also be out of the way of the door to the entry vestibule.

Here is a link that might be useful: Non-Adhesive Frosted Privacy Window Film

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It looks like curtains would get in the way of your door. I would get simple cellular shades for everything.
It does look like the handle might get in the way when raising and lowering, but I would like put my hand behind there as I guided the shade down at night.
Or, basic shades in a textured pattern and color.

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I think you are going to have to have some type of shade. I really like the stick bamboo Roman ones you can get for pretty cheap at Lowe's and Home Depot. It seems like anything you put in there will get in the way of the door. At least with a Roman shade you can keep it pulled up to a certain height to avoid the door.

Drapes would be a tough. I had drapes hanging near a door once and they were constantly getting caught in the door and they were always dirty at the bottom.

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Are the door and window frames wood, metal or aluminum?

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I'd get either bamboo blinds or Roman shades, either flat or softer with a scoop (or whatever it's called). Either way, I'd hang them as high as possible and obviously outside mount.

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Since this is an apartment, I would say that putting a film on them would probably be your best bet, nothing permanent. It doesn't look like there's much place for drilling screws to hang anything.

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I don't know what the curtain, drapery, and hardware options are in Iran, but I would suggest mounting a rod at the ceiling and hanging a white cotton sheer fabric that could be stacked on the left when open. You might have to attach the rod on the ceiling.

I also like the idea above with the Roman shades, but the window handle could get in the way.

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I like the treatments suggested by nosoccermom, above. May I ask where you live? That sort of vestibule arrangement isn't something we see in the southern U.S.

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OP said s/he lives in Iran. Welcome to the forum!

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Actually that info is only on his/her member page.....I reread the thread several times trying to figure out how anybody knew that from the posts until it finally occurred to me to click On the "my page" link......duh! I am slow!

Adib, welcome to Gardenweb, how exciting to have a new member from so far away!

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Thanks alot everyone for your helpful suggestions, I think I'm gonna change the handles and then use the some form of shades either basic or roman type.
I also like the suggestion by graywings but since its a small apartment I guess using shades would be a better choice.
Privacy films are also good idea but since the window frames are aluminum I prefer to cover the frames too.
I'm from Iran and currently living in Iran. I won't have difficulty finding shades or blinds or any other type of coverings since there are numerous European brands selling their products here.
Thanks again and I'll update this post when I'm done.

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I forgot to say Its a very rare arrangement of windows even in Iran but since the price for this apartment was low and I'm a single guy, so I decided to buy it.

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