Lattice install - skirt

56tbirdAugust 1, 2011

So I need to install lattice under the deck. Plan on making doors so that we can use it as semi hidden storage. The challange is proper installtion to allow for expansion.

I plan on picture framing the lattice on all four sides with azek. I was going to screw it on in enlarged holes, but now thinking about an rabbit along the azek to allow the lattice to sit into.

Of course the deck is to tall for just one piece, so I will have pieces butted together. What do I do to make this area the least noticeble and not warp? Any other suggestions for installation?

The real solution would be to use vertical azek, put just to costly. Like the look better as well.

Thanks so much for your time and thougths!

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how high off the ground is the deck?

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Picture frame your lattice on both sides with 1X2 will help keep it from warping. Also be sure to use the heavy grade lattice, not the flimsy stuff that is cheaper.

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