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flhomesJune 21, 2012

So my pool rebuild is completed and my pool is in startup mode on my old equipment. I was originally planning to keep all my old equipment, but I've since reconsidered. I'm mostly doing the equipment designs/upgrades myself with a little advice from the pool guy. Why? I'm an engineer type and find it fun to mess around with.

In any case, I've decided to purchase the Pentair chlorinator and Easy touch (I purchased the 8SC-IC40 kit). I also purchased 2 extra actuators, and an intelliflow VS-3050 pump. My current filter is a Hayward 48 SQFT DE filter which has a Variflow 6-way valve.

My pool:

* Located in Tampa, FL

* No screen enclosure (removed as part of the remodel)

* Something around 15-20k gallons

* Attached spa

* Sidewall suction side cleaner port - (thinking about great white or sand shark cleaner)

* New sheer descent (about 18" wide, 24" above pool) installed with the pool rebuild

* Pool equipment located about 30 feet from the closest side of the pool (runs are not too long)

* Most of the plumbing is 1.5", except the spa drain and jet returns are 2". The new Sheer Descent is 2"

I'm a little bummed out that this Pentair controller equipment is 1980's ladder logic technology. For the money, I was expecting something a little more modern and sophisticated. I was also sad to see that the 3-way actuator valves are only 2-position. They cannot be set to multi-positions to vary the flow between two inputs/outputs. Oh, well, on with my question.

I don't see a reason to change my current DE filter. It works well and has new grids. It is rated for a max flow of 120 GPM and a "happy flow" of no more than 90 GPM. For normal low-and-slow filter operation this is just fine and dandy. But, if I want to crank up the pump for a more aggressive flow to my spa or to run a nice high-flow from the two fountains (spa + sheer descent) for ambiance, I'm thinking I need to bypass my filter. This can be done manually with the 6-way valve, but I'd like to take advantage of my 1980's technology and automate this.

Question 1) Should I bypass my filter for these scenarios?

Question 2) Since the easy touch can only handle 4 actuators, can I piggy back this filter bypass on the return circuit? In other words, when in pool mode, go through filter. When in spa mode, bypass filter.

Bonus question) - I purchased the Intellibright LED pool & spa lights (1 each). These are the 12v models since I was planning on using my legacy equipment. I'm assuming this 12v model works fine with EasyTouch Aux Relay's?

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You can't run the sheer and the spa at the same time. The spa will empty.

You won't get enough flow through the 2" line to the spa to make bypassing the filter worthwhile. Trying to bypass the filter is an exercise in futility.

No valve actuators for residential pools that I know of can do three of more positions. They all do two.

The relays click on and off with board supplied power. What they are relaying can be anything as long as its not more than 3 HP total power from the line side to the load side of each relay. It can open or close a fireman's switch which has only continuity, 12V for your lights, 120VAC or 240. It doesn't care what you are using on the line. Whatever is there, when the relay trips on, goes to the other side.


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