deep heat returns and main drains,are they pre-plumbed correctly?

buzz2June 8, 2012


My pool builder is just about ready to gunite. My concern is that, after pre-plumbing the pool, the pvc pipe for the deep heat returns and the main drains are lying on top of the 3/4 inch stone base. These pvc lines run the entire length of the middle of the pool floor below the rebar. Just about all pool pictures I've seen show the pvc pipes below the floor rebar buried in the soil or stone with only the pvc stub-ups showing (coming straight up out of the dirt or stone).

The two pvc lines, ie, main drain line and deep heat return line, run side by side. They are 2 inch pipes so they will displace the gunite by about 2.5 x 5 inches (outer diameter). I am concerned that this will weaken my gunite floor. Is this an acceptable way to lay the drains and deep heat returns? Is it better (best practice) to bury them? I need to know before my pb gunites everything within the next 1 to 3 days. Thank you for your help.

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Call him on it. That is wrong. The pipes should be under the rebar.Seems to me someone tried to do it cheaper, be it the PB or the plumber. You don't want the possibility of the shell cracking like an egg due the thinned gunite where the pipes are and you want the steel encased properly and as intended.

There should also only be 1 pipe to each drain set. Deep heat is plumbed at the pad. There is no need for two pipes unless you planned on drawing water and sending heated water through two separate drain sets simultaneously (highly doubted). Each drain set should be tied at the pool bottom, not a separate line for each sump.


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I think the pipes are under the rebar, but it sounds like the steel is laying on top of them and they are not buried in dirt.

In my area, what the original poster describes is not common, and I would see the reason to be concerned. It will displace the unit floor and leave a rather large void.

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I missed seeing the line about the pipes under the steel. The pipes should, IMHO, have been, at the very least pretty, much buried in the gravel. The steel, to be supportive, needs to be encased and the floor thickness not be compromised.


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Scott and Natural One,

Thank you for your comments and recommendations. I will bring it up with my pb. Hopefully he is intending to bury it before gunite, but I will insist on it.

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