Can you tell me what type of wood my porch is?

Malarky112August 19, 2012

Hey everyone,

We bought this house as a foreclosure 2 years ago. It has a really nice tongue and groove front porch, but it is starting to show some wear and I would like to refinish it. I have not been able to figure out what kind of wood it is, no stamps or tags anywhere that I can see. From looking around the web I think it may be Ipe.

Like a dummy I listened to a friends advice and used a pressure washer with some deck cleaner last year, which caused the discoloration in the picture.

I love how each board is a different shade and I am hoping I can keep that after refinishing it.

Which leads to my next question, if it is indeed Ipe, what it the best and easiest way to go about refinishing it? Should I pressure wash with deck cleaner, or would renting a sander be easier? What would I use for a finishing product?

Thanks in advance for the help, I've lurked this forum for a while, 1st time posting though!

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A different vie
w, if it helps...

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Hmmm...anyone? I was really hoping someone on here could help identify this wood type. Wanted to get it done this week while I'm off from work.

If any additional info would be helpful, please just ask and I'll do my best to answer.

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Looks like meranti (similar to a mahogany) to me.

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It looks like Redwood or Oak to me because it seems to be durable and takes a high polish.

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