Banana is in a pickle. PB's please help if you can...

banana_fannaJune 4, 2011

Please read my post about flex PVC.

I'm a scaredy cat. If I decide to tell my pb to replace flex with rigid, how big of a deal is this and am I going to set us back thousands? Mr. Banana is going to LOVE that. I'll feel terrible because he's let this be my baby all along and with all the web surfing I've done, you'd think I'd know about flex PVC. [Bangs head]

I'm on good terms with my builder, seems like a reasonable guy, but am I being over cautious or do I really need to tell him to start over? Thank you.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to my previous post

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For years I've admired pictures here of nice, straight, rigid PVC work. And I've got this. :-(
It's a mess, right?

Look at the conduit for the pool lights running over the top of the PVC. Other than it looking really wrong, what's the structural problem?

Anybody know what the lone piece of rigid sitting across the T-section is for? And what's the really thin one?

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If this pipe is smooth it may not be sch 40 flex pipe. All the info is printed on the pipe. Schedule, Class, PSI rating, Usage. You might gather this info so you are clear what you have. I know they make a smooth wall (class 200 I think) pipe for irrigation that also comes in a roll. This is generally cheaper than 20' lengths of sch. 40 PVC.

It is somewhat flexible because it has a thinner wall than schdule 40 pipe. You will normally see ribs on flex pipe that I described in your original post.

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When we were in the early stages of the pool process... our PB showed us a piece of flex pipe, and how termites attacked it, yada, yada, and they stated that they ONLY use rigid... the section of flex pipe he showed us was ribbed.... looks nothing like the pipe in your pictures.

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Looks like flex to me. I seriously doubt they heat bent the runs in the last pic. Rigid pipe comes in 10 and 20 foot lenths. If you have a 25 foot straight run without fittings, it's flex.


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