New pool build started in SoCal, looking for tips

dpautzJune 15, 2012


I have been browsing this forum for over a year now. We wanted to have a pool installed just after buying the house last year, but things didn't work out (settled for a 16x32 above ground for last summer). Over the winter I checked out a number of builders, tried to find as many reviews as possible and wen't with the builder that had some nice rock work / over all feel. It sure has been one of those bumpy rides so far, The demo / dig was about a month ago, it was quickly halted when they hit a 200 pair phone line cable (it was way out of easement). We have been waiting for the phone company to reroute, sadly this means we are qickly loosing the summer :( on the bright side its socal so we should be able to swim into Late September.

The build is now moving along again, first inspection is done and we are hoping to have the Gunite done next week, after that there is another delay, I was told the rock work guy / slide / waterfall person is out and when back it will be a 2 week project, then they can move on with the deck.

Now comes the hard part, picking all the colors, tile, coping, deck, rock work color and so on. I am also having a hard time with add on's, sadly once you start changing / adding more things on there never seems to be a stopping point. I had the main pump upgraded to VSD, lights to LED and bumped the computer system to the PDA 8 port, as they wanted to give the 4 port setup which would have been mostly used.

I am still suck on a few things to add on before the deck is done, I like the idea of the LED deck jets, but I was told they are stupid expensive. I am considering a few sleeves for volley ball nets, and perhaps umbrellas. I am pretty sure the deck will be done with pavers at this point with some openings for small planters and low voltage lighting. I had them leave a gas line in an area for a future BBQ. I hear some people say the fog machines are a nice addon, do many of you have them installed?

On to some photo's

a few shots of the yard before anything was done / the work was started.

Demo changes everything

Nothing like a phone trunk cable stoping things....

Rebar is now in

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Really nice yard I wish I had the space you do... I recently am on the finishing end of my pool remodel here in SoCal as well and well we had many bumps in the road so I can relate. I did add some Lumar deck jets and yes every where we looked they were crazy expensive but we really wanted them... so I just happened to come across some used ones on craigslist for supper cheap. Now that we have them installed there is one thing they look really nice but they do make a lot of noise it's not like the soft water fall sound. Just thought you should keep that in mind. But I was told that there is some other deck jets that don't make any noice as the water enters the water but I found out that a little to late... As we did our remodel we would shop around on craigslist and ebay for cool item to add to our pool that otherwise with our contractor would have been crazy expensive. Keep the pictures coming and any questions. By the way what company is doing your pool?

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Any progress?
Hope so!

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Gunite was done, they are working on the drains and misc stuff now. The next big thing is the rock work guy comes tomorrow, he will do the waterfall / slide and two rocks around the pool.

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Looking good. I'm 99% sure you're using the same builder I did back in 2004 - I recently saw a picture of a phone cable down the middle of the pool, and it sure looks like the same location.

BlueWater Pools and Spas - Upland?

It's been a long time since I posted, but if you want to see their work, my pool and pictures are still in the gallery.


Here is a link that might be useful: Jeff & Sharon's Pool

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indeed Jeff, I must say your pool build was what caught my eye and directed us to check out blue water.

We are coming down to the stage where all the fine details are picked, colors of tile, pebble tech, low voltage lighting, etc.

Here are a few more pictures

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