Dresden Plate template

czigaJanuary 22, 2008

I'm having a bit of trouble finding a good Dresden Plate template design. I'm looking for a template that will make a 12" block, preferable the template with pointed edges, but it doesn't really matter as I can adjust it a bit. The templates I've been finding are either too large or too small for a 12" block and I'm not confident in my ability to make my own :)

If anyone has a good template for a 12" Dresden Plate, I'd be very grateful!


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I meant to post this earlier. Here is an Elanor Burn's pattern for a 12 inch dresden block with pointy edges. It has complete directions.


Scroll down and click on "Dresden Plate PDF"


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This EZ Quilting Dresden template might work; you can make the "pointy" Dresden "petals" in a number of sizes.

The link "Sumday Best Quilt" on this page shows a pattern for a Dresden quilt with 14-inch finished blocks made with this template.

Here's a review of this tool:

Review of EZ Dresden tool at Quilter's Review


Here is a link that might be useful: EZ Easy Dresden

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You can also make your own template.

Take a square of paper and fold it in half, then fourths, then eigthths, then sixteenths creasing the folds crisply. Open it back up and each segment is your template. Cut one out and add seam allowance to it. I measure out from center point and mark a line where to cut for a certain diameter circle. Otherwise, cut at 5" plus seam allowance if you want a circle 10" across. I cut it from plastic and make lines at different sizes. Be sure to add seam allowance to top edge to turn under.

For pointy, you just fold each spoke in half lengthwise with right sides together and seam across that flat top part. Turn it inside out and you have the finished point. The whole circle of pointy edges will look smaller in diameter to your eye than the flat outside edge so I make it about 1/2 inch bigger than I would if smooth. You can play around with scraps.

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Thank you for these. I was a little worried about making my own, that's why I was looking for templates. But actually, its almost easier to make your own :) Thanks again!

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Eleanor Burns book "Egg Money Quilts" has some very good templates bound in the book. I first checked it out at the library and liked it so much I bought it. It has two sizes of the Dresdan Plate. One is 12" and I think the other is 16".

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