Anyone have dental implants?

msmagooApril 26, 2012

I've have made an appt to get an implant for a molar that has been missing for years. My insurance will pay $1500, and I have been thinking about it for years. They have given me a choice as to whether I want light sedation or just a local anestetic (sp). The sedation costs $600 the local is included in the original estimate. I have had root canals, bridgework, teeth pulled so I am used to having work done in my mouth. Has anyone had this done, do you think I need to have the sedation?

Please let me know your experience!

I am scheduled for May 10,


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I had a bone graft along with the implant. I'm glad I had light sedation, although I must admit it made me nauseous. I have had other dental work done with just locals, but the graft and implant seemed to be more intense. I had very little pain afterwards and was able to manage with just a day of Motrin.

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I had two implants, with only local anesthetic. The discomfort was no more than getting a cavity filled. I ate soft foods for the first 24 hours, and took Advil as needed for pain (which was not bad). The pain of having my wisdom teeth removed was at least 50 times worse than the pain from the implants. Many years ago, I had bone grafting, and it was more painful than the implants.

My implants were done 7 years ago--they are wonderful, and worth every penny! Good luck!

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I've had two implants and bone grafting with local anesthesia. If they numb it up well enough, you won't feel any pain while they are working in your mouth. I took a pain killer for the next 24 hours, but was fine otherwise. Ask the dentist if you can take Advil beforehand. Personally, I prefer not to be asleep for a procedure like that.

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DH has one implant after breaking a crown on a front tooth....done with a local, including removing the root of the original tooth, no complaints about pain at all - and I'm sure I would have heard about it if it had hurt :)

A friend of mine is having an incisor implanted now, she had the root removed (also a broken crown), post put in, has been back twice for checks and so far it doesn't look like the post is going to fail which would require a bone graft to then finish. She had some pain med that she took the first afternoon and evening, but went to work without issues the next day and she didn't mention any discomfort taking place during her appointment, local anesthetic only.

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I have an implant, bottom left molar. I had only local anesthetic and I nearly fell asleep during the procedure. It didn't hurt at all. I had one problem and that was that the cap started wiggling a few months after it was put on the implant. My dentist tried to get it off without ruining the cap but in the end he had to cut it off, so I had to pay for a second cap. He only charged me his cost for that.

If you haven't had problems tolerating dental work in the past, I doubt you will need anything more than the local for this.

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I too have had a couple implants and bone grafting done with only a local. What surprised me is that the procedure was treated like a real surgery. Everyone in the room was in masks and scrubs except me, I was given paper booties and my face was smeared with Betadine. Lovely.


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I had tooth #13 done about 4 months ago. I broke the tooth eating a carrot. Pulling it was painful. Then there's no nerve, so no pain. The implant was done with a local and it took seconds. Imagine screwing a screw into your wall to hang a picture....:0) Then my dentist made an impression and capped it. I had "no" dental insurance, the whole thing cost me $3k. I say DO IT! I need my teeth!!

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I was the same as Nicole, broke the darn tooth right in to the gum. I had the tooth removed too but it didn't hurt. He really shot me up with novocaine and I felt nothing. Don't be nervous, it's really not painful as it sounds. It cost me 3200.00 for one tooth but it's the only one. I have all my other teeth including the wisdoms. Had no insurance so I had to lose my vacation and pay for one tooth, oh well.

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I've had two dental implants with only local anesthesia, no problems.

My dentist prescribed 3 mg. Ativan beforehand. It calmed me down and put me to sleep during part of the procedure. I recommend it highly, although I was pretty loopy afterwards!

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So...if they are charging me...$3000 with local anesthesia, but they are saying I need to go to my local dentist for the cap. Did anyone get prices from other places? I don't want to get ripped off. It's just that they take my insurance, and I have tried to call to get prices, but it is hard to get anyone to give you price over the phone. They want you to pay an $80 consult fee.
Thanks guys!

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My implants were done in 2005. The periodontist did the implants, and my dentist did the caps. I paid almost $6000 total for the two implants. We are in a rural area, with a lower cost-of-living than in an urban area; plus, that was 7 years ago. So I don't think the prices you have been quoted are unreasonable.

I paid a consult fee to the periodontist, but don't remember how much it was.

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My two implants and bone graphs cost $6,600 two years ago. I shopped around. One quote was over $10,000.


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I think I paid $4000 for the implant and cap. No bone graft. I live in a large metropolitan area.

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Timely topic - thank you. I have the problem of bone loss, and it seems to be increasing. Therefore am looking at maybe as many as 6 teeth needing bone graft and implants. Add to that, I am a smoker. After reading up on the subject, they suggest implants 'don't take' so easily with smokers. At the going rate around here of $4000 - $4500 each, that is a huge hit! Plus at the back of my mind is: what if the bone graft is done and I continue to lose more bone underneath? I am at the point of considering partails instead of going thru the lengthy process of grafts, implants, healing, impressions, and lingering bone loss. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.

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My implants were done by a periodontist because I have periodontal disease (and had previously had bone grafts). He offers a lifetime guarantee on the implants...but he will not do implants on a smoker. That was one of the major reasons I quit smoking. Since quitting (7+ years ago), I have had no periodontal issues whatsoever!

While I was in the implant process, I had a partial--that was the most horrible thing, and I will never have another partial. For me, implants are the only alternative. It was worth quitting smoking IMO!

Good luck to you, whatever you decide.

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AaronLuis, thank you for signing up as a member of Gardenweb today just to ask me that question. Thanks, too, for the link to the cheapo dental site.

SC-irish, you should go talk to your dentist about whether or not implants are feasible for you. I am so happy with the one I have but my bone and gums were healthy and I don't smoke.

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Sc Irish...I'm in the same boat and am ruining my teeth and bone. Had bone grafts (which was the worse experience ever) and they failed, eventually requiring each tooth to be extracted. My problem is grinding from a neuro movement disorder (cervical dystonia) that has moved into my jaws. I wish I could find a doctor that understands this or at least has some fixes. I don't even think my teeth are strong enough to consider temps either. All of this after 10,000 in two years to save my teeth. The thought of partials makes me sad, have always gotten my teeth taken care of. Guess some of us are not as blessed.

For all who can do the grateful. Not sure about the bone grafts though and think it takes a very skilled doctor.

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Thanks for the input all. Believe me, I have not come to these conclusions all by myself. This has been an ongoing situation. I have consulted with both my dentist and the oral surgeon/implant, periodontist. At this time last year, they were considering extracting 4 teeth and doing implants. (easy for them to suggest!!!) I decided to put it on hold (maybe hoping I would just let one fall out at a time - lol) Now, this month, it is found that a 5th tooth is 'in line' and possibly a 6th! That's one heck of a lot of extractions at one time, to say nothing of the bone grafts (and healing). I might be flippant and think of it as my own personal weight-loss plan, but when I add up the $$$$ (especially at my 'Sr. Saver' age, I have to wonder if it's all worth it, when a partial for both top and bottom would amount to that of ONE implant. DH says I'm worth it; I tend to be more frugal and would not look forward to the discomfort and constant re-appointments waiting to finally be done. Not to mention that with all that being just may not 'take'. During all of this, my only 'comfort' would be smoking and drinking (Pepsi) and then to completely change not only my mouth, but my lifestyle!!!! Partials - or complete dentures - might be the eventual answer.

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Sc-irish, I have to put in a good word for partials, which I've had since my teens. Lots of people, including myself, do very well with them.

Sorry, Msmagoo, I've had no experience with implants.

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I think what you need to think about is your age. At my age 75 I don't think I would do it. I had partials when I was younger and they were no problem at the time. Later the teeth they were fastened to deteriorated and had to have an upper denture, no implants back then. If you are young I would have it done even if I had borrow the money to do it.

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Thanks for at least one good comment about partials, Alisande. EmmaR, I just turned 66 and that IS weighing heavy on my decision.

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Awww, you are just a kid.

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I've had 2 implants done, both with grafts. Done under local by one of the premier periodontists in the country. One didn't take & is about to be redone tomorrow w/ a new graft. Zero pain during and after the procedures. And, yes, it should be treated as surgeryby the dentist & staff. Gowns, gloves, masks--the whole 9 yards. The crown was placed by my general dentist.

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