cleaning before staining

brunosonioAugust 27, 2012

One month ago we resurfaced with new cedar the floor level areas of our 17 year old decks. I need to stain the wood before the winter PNW rains begin in Oct. The new wood has been sitting and drying for 1 month now. I'll probably use Flood's CWFUV5, which is on the vertical portions of the deck. I've had good luck with it the CWF product for 17 years in our wet weather.

My question is...can I just prepare the surface with a good cleaning of Oxyclean? I'd prefer not to use anything harsher like deck brighteners/strippers, even though they are recommended on new wood that has not aged 1 year. The wood looks porous enough, should I still worry about mill glaze?

Has anyone used a product like Mill Glaze Away?

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