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Jennyms319August 4, 2012


We are getting ready to start a huge remodel on our small home. To give you an idea about our future plans, siding and windows in about 1 year and an out building/ garage but right now we are getting ready to add a concrete storm shelter it is a 10' x 12' and we want to incorporate it into a 20' x 20' concrete porch. The concrete guy and my husband have this worked out, I know that right off the back door will be the door to the shelter. The back door will be closed up and where you see the double windows will become french doors. We want the doors to open on to the patio. The patio will only be able to go from the corner of the house to right up to the meter box that you see on the back of the house. It can extend out 20 feet. I really need help trying to make this look nice. Any ideas on shape or anything else would be great. I know my husband does not want the staircase of the shelter to be in the shelter (if that makes sense) At first we were going to just make this a rectangle patio but now we don't know. We are also thinking about making it a covered patio.

Please help me with any layout that you can Thank you Jen

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I don't know anything about storm shelters but having a open staircase outside is just going to be collection area for leaves, twigs, etc. You may also need a fence/gate around it.

Colored and stamped concrete can look really sharp. Just make sure you get a concrete guy who does it regularly.

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