Fireplace on a deck

tsandAugust 20, 2007

Looking for ideas, issues and information about placing a fireplace on an wood deck.

I have seen some small pagoda fireplaces and other types of wood burning fire rings but I am looking for something a bit more grand. Has anyone installed a precast fireplace on an above ground deck?

Here is a link to what I am thinking about

Would something like this be too heavy for a wood deck with 16in OC joists on a 14.5' x 37' deck?

Dimensions: 52" W x 31" D x 5' 10" H

Weight: 1101 lbs


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I place fire pits on a creet foundation,they usually stand proud of the deck 2/3', the decking/framing install independent of the mason's work. That is He does his work then we work around it.

No reason why a grand fireplace can not be installed the same way.However...the foundation has got to be secure,the smoke stack should confirm with the 10-2 rule>> the top of the stack is 2' higher than anything higher than it with in 10 'Do Not Place A Firepit/Fireplace On Top of Any Decking. John

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