Aluminum railing side mounting brackets

zver11August 8, 2011

I am using Aluminum railing (Gilpin) on my deck. Most posts will be surface mounted. A few need to be side mounted. Gilpin makes a non-flanged long post(all posts 2.5" sq). They, however, do not make a side mounting bracket. Mounting the posts with a simple thru bolt is questionable since it would tend to collapse the hollow post and weaken it in the critical outward pushing direction.

1) Are 2.5" posts reasonably standard--will a bracket from any railing manufacturer work?

2) The only other manufacturer I found lists 2.5" brackets at $37/post--just for brackets! Is there any reason I can not make my own brackets by bending heavy sheet aluminum? I would need to prime and paint. Finish would not be powder coated, but otherwise should match reasonably(black is not a hard color to match)

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