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winker58April 19, 2014

For some strange reason I am really loving antique porcelain. I wish I could say it was cheap stuff I am liking, but it is not. I love the 100 year old Royal Worcester and other finely decorated stuff. It does not match my newer open space home but this past winter I have order many pieces online. I don't know how to display them either. They look lost in my house. Even if you hate the stuff, does anyone see a resurgence of this type of decor?

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It never went out for me. :) I have three antique porcelain pitchers on top of my hutch.

That pitcher is beautiful, and could go with any decor. Put some dried/real/silk flowers in it.

What I did was buy a curio cabinet for some of my porcelain. Nobody buys curio cabinets anymore. lol. But I don't give a flip. The cabinet has lights and mirrors in it and is so pretty when lit up.

Follow your heart and don't let anyone dictate what you should or shouldn't display in your own home.

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It never went out. It is a classic. Embrace it, enjoy it and treasure it.

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I don't see it as something that would go out. It stands on its own and doesn't identify with any particular era, IMO.

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My father has tons of it in his house. My grandparents used to spend summers traveling for about 10 years and brought all kinds of things home. I love it, but it wouldn't work for my lifestyle. It looks fabulous in his house. :) If you like it go for it. I don't think it ever goes out of style either.

I once thought "hey, those are nice plates. Maybe I can get some on ebay" (they had them hanging in their solarium)

Um yeah, not so much. A set like they have is up on ebay right now for $2k.

I guess I will hope to get them one day. :)

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Forgot to say, in regards to display, this is the only pic I can find. It was of the lamp, but you can see how they display it in the background. they have a lot of different cabinets....

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That vase is beautiful. Because of it's delicate nature I can see how it could get lost in an open space plan.

Do you have a buffet/small table where you could set up a little vignette with it as the starring piece. Perhaps surround it with pieces that have complimentary colours, a bowl with the same green, a mirror behind it to double its impact.

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I think your pitcher is beautiful, and don't think it ever went out of style, just became harder to find.

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Holly- Kay

I agree that it never went out of style. I have many nice pieces and like Oakley I have a curio in my living room and a good bit of shelving in the library You pitcher is just gorgeous. Enjoy it!

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