Pebble Sheen vs Wet Edge Satin Matrix

meowracerJune 22, 2007

I thought I had already posted this but I can't find it. Sorry if I am repeating. Our builder switched us from Pebble Sheen to Wet Edge Satin. The color is Black Satin and looks identical to the Sheen in that color. The builder says that the cost is the same, but product is better. I don't know whether to believe it or not. The Sheen installer is behind, our pool is behind, and at this point I'd happily fill it up as is if the gunite wouldn't leak! The Wet Edge installer promised today but part of Houston had rain (nowhere near to us) and now they are promising tomorrow at 7am. At least they got us on the schedule and have some organization - the other place sure didn't. Of course, neither does our builder but at this point, that is neither here nor there. Also, don't they buff the stones on the second day? Thanks for any help -

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I can't say I've ever heard of Wet Edge Satin. Do you know who manufactures it? Your PB says the cost is the same to you, but what about his cost? He could be pushing the product he makes more money on.

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It is made by Wet Edge Technologies.
Here a company named Pool Works installs it. I heard that the Pebble Tec people broke off and started this one up. It is supposed to be stronger and the warranty is 5 years longer.

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I thought Pebble tec was the cadillac, so to speak.... Our newly installed pebble tec came with a lifetime warranty as long as we owned the house and kept records of the water chemistry....there are a million "buts" to the warranty. I am not so sure the price is identical...I bet its close, but question the same price. Search the forum for prices on finishes....a couple of people have posted the prices they received. Unfortunately every part of the country the prices vary. Some people pay more for sheen than tec, for me the price was the same for similar tec or sheen colors...certain colors were ranked at different price points. Good luck, regardless, I bet you will be happy.

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I'm thinking it may a bit deeper than your builder is telling you. I called for PebbleTec the day before yesterday and a crew will be out to do the pool tomorrow morning. There are two P-Tec applicators ,MMG and Adams, in our area (Houston) has he tried contacting the other one.

quote" the other place sure didn't. "quote
I don't buy this at all.
I've dealt with both of these applicators for many years. The only thing that provides no or slow service is when a particular builder hasn't paid for previous jobs and the applicator is waiting for a check before doing more work.
I'm not trying to imply that's what's going on with your builder. Rather I'm pointing out my observations from over a decade of working with these two companies.

See ya,

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So huskyrider, is wet edge as good as pebble tec? I have seen many of your posts and assume you are a pool builder. What is your experience with this product? What do you prefer? I agree with you, I bet PT is holding off because of payment issues!

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Hi Meowracer,
We have the wetedge on our pool too. Our builder told us that is what he has on his own pool. It's supposed to be top of the line. Yes, they did buff the next day. It took 3 1/2 hours and we have a small pool. We are in Houston also and the rain is causing delays for us too. Ask if you need to brush your pool daily afterwards. No one told us to, but I read on this site that I should be doing that. Good luck!

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quote" I have seen many of your posts and assume you are a pool builder "quote

quote" What is your experience with this product? "quote

quote" is wet edge as good as pebble tec? "quote
Based on what they showed me when they tried to sway me their direction I would call it an equal product.

quote" What do you prefer? "quote

Here's my take based on what I've heard from the field;
Several of the PebbleTec employees went out on their own and started a company which supplies the same type of building materials. IMO, their objective was obviously first to increase their earnings by being owners not employees, and secondly making their product more readily available by certifying more applicators in an area than their previous employer had. PebbleTec is very very picky in who they enter into a certified applicator agreement with. These companies are all top notch. They don't have many applicators in any particular area and watch them like a Hawk to make sure that EVERY application is top notch. If there is an application error they make it good immediately. In my area, greater Houston, there are only two companies that they've certified.
The applicator that meowracer mentioned is an awesome pool plastering contractor. However, he was passed up by P-Tec. Wet Edge approached him and he signed on as a certified applicator for them.
The reason I haven't tried the product is because I have a had very long term relationship with the PebbleTec applicators. One of the two applicators and I have been conducting business with each other since the late 80's and the other since the early 90's This was many many years before P-Tec pool finishes entered the market.
I'm certain that meowracer will get an awesome pebble pool finish on her new pool, it just won't be PebbleTec.

What I was trying to point out is that I really don't feel it was because the applicator doesn't have his act together.

I'm curious, who's your pool builder?

See ya,

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Kelly, thanks for your professional opinion:)

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The reason I said that the other place was not organized is because they are 9 pools behind and would not tell this to the builder until the day they were supposed to install. At least that is what we heard. The builder had put us on the schedule several times for a month and had to keep cancelling because the pool was not ready. I'm sure that played a part and our pool was not a priority - cried wolf too many times, so to speak. The Wet Edge was installed yesterday but they tell me it is not buffed, just acid washed. The pebbles, in places, are quite large - not the small ones seen on the sample. Some places in the pool have the small pebbles but overall, it is the not the look of Pebble Sheen or the Satin Matrix sample. We'll see what it looks like in the end - also looks like places with no rocks at all (hope they are just covered up.) They were supposed to be here this morning to do the acid wash but so far, no workers and no one answers at the company. We are using A-Bear Pool Innovations in Sugar Land. They build a good pool - we have a small space and they fit it in there when other peole weren't willing to try, and the let me design exactly what I wanted instead of trying to talk me out of it because they had never done it before. I really appreciate all of the comments. The acid wash people just showed up - nothing like 2 hours late.

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Just a note - we are filling the pool with water! There was no buffing involved with the Satin Matrix, apparently. There are bare spots (no rocks - grey plaster stuff showing only) though. The owner of the pool company was out and agreed that the rocks are bigger than the sample and there are spots that will need tending to. That is one of the good things about this company - the owner is as picky as I am and won't stop until it is done right. Whatever changes need to be made to the finish, requiring more than a day, will wait until winter so we can enjoy the pool. As it is filling, there are definite grey spots showing (our color is black) - has anyone had this happen with either Pebble Sheen or the Wet Edge Satin Matrix? Also with the size of pebbles?

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We have Black Onyx Pebble Sheen® and while it looked grey when it was dry (after application but before buffing, acid wash, and filling with water), there are no grey spots. The pebbles are all quite small - like the sample.

And, we love the Black Onyx color! Makes the water a beautiful color:
(Our pool showing water color)

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Looks great! Our pool is almost full now. The grey still shows through - I knew that part of it would go away (mostly where it was hazy looking) but there are spots of grey with hardly any pebbles. These areas are from 2-3 inches to maybe 7-8 inches, although the larger areas do have a few pebbles, just not many. How do you post pics here? I'll take a picture, if I can get a good one, of the pebbles and areas with mostly grey. They just started the pump - I'm thrilled with that! Thanks for posting the picture for me.

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No problems with Pebble Tec. My pool looks just like the sample. There are no "bare spots" and the pebbles are evenly distributed throughout the pool.

Search for the word "photobucket" and you'll find a thread on how to post pics. Photobucket is a free website for hosting photos.

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As Scrapula said, go to Photobucket and create an album. It will be password protected, so only you can edit it. You can mark the album as "public" so that anyone can see the photos. If you don't mark it public, if you attempt to post photos here, no one will be able to see them.

One of the account options you will have is whether or not to show the "copy/paste links." I generally do not have my links showing to the public, but you'll have to choose the option to show them so that you can copy the appropriate link to paste into a post here. You'll want the "HTML" tag. You simply copy it (highlight it then press CTRL C on your keyboard), then come to your message and press CTRL V to paste it in.

You can also upload video clips to your Photobucket album. (This video clip, which was taken a few days after the pool was done, is out of focus. After half a bottle of wine while enjoying the sun and pool, what can I say...)

After you're done copying the links, you can go back to your account options and hide the links. :-)

Here is a link that might be useful: Waterfall in Action

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Here are a few photos of the issues we are having with the pebbles. The first pic is rotated - the tiles are the waterline tiles. I rotated it but for some reason it didn't copy that way.

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Lindsey ca - thank you for the super tutorial for Photobucket!

Your pool looks great - we hoped to enjoy some drinks around the pool tonight - our first night with water in it, but it has decided to rain. Still, we had to get in and swim around a little bit (and freeze!). Of course, no heads went under b/c no chemicals yet. Just nice to be in it.

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I would discourage doing business with Poolworks of Houston. I signed an agreement for them to install WetEdge Primera Stone, whereby I had to pay 50% upfront, 50% upon completion. Within minutes of sending the signed agreement to them, the owner, Allen (sp?) called to advise me that I would have to pay 100% upfront, and would accept nothing less. (Our credit is impeccable, and we are building a showcase pool that would have been great advertising for his product.) Of course we went elsewhere for our pool surfacing solution. No integrity, bad business sense. They'll be out of business when Houston economy slows, IMO.

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Please help! Pool Works installed wet edge (black pearl matrix) in our pool yesterday. We were so excited because we were told they would fill it with water and we could get in and enjoy.
The workers left the lights out and left the premises without telling us a thing. There is no water.
Does anyone know the procedure? How long before they fill it?

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Pool Works came back today (Sunday) and acid washed and buffed the pool. It is filling with water now and the black pearl matrix is beautiful.

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Wet-edge is the best and smoothest surface i've ever had in a pool. I have Pearl matrix Plum, and after having both pebble tech and pebble sheen in past pools there is no comparision wet edge wins hands down. Love it

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