Looking for Safe pools in Foster

FosterPoolsJune 8, 2012

Recently we shifted in our new house in Foster and we want a safe and good looking pool can anyone tells which pool is better - fiberglass or plaster?

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Where is Foster?

Both hold water very well and so, has the most important safety concern in common. Safety is ultimately the owners responsibility. This includes the physical area as well as the water chemistry.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Saying one looks better than another is not possible except by you.


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Thanks for your suggestion i am thinking about plaster pools. according to you is it a good choice for home?

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I don't build them, just fix and augment them.

Wet is wet. Its all good, no bad selections if you find a good installer or builder.

I don't know what existing homes near you have. When it comes to the resale, whenever that comes, what is important is what you have to sell against. If the majority of the pools in your area are the same type, be it any of the major types, yours should also be. In my immediate area, we have AGPs and in-ground liners and a few shells. Twenty miles to my North. I have liners and gunite with a few shells. The gunite pools tend to be more interesting but the other types surprise me sometimes.


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Thanks for your valuable suggestion.

What are gunite pools? Are they safe and good looking? Can you please give me some more knowledge about gunite pools because I do not know anything about it.

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Gunite and its cousin, shotcrete, are the type of cement used to make a shell that is plastered. The cement is shot by compressed air from a nozzle on the end of a hose to where it is wanted. Yes, they are about as strong as things get yet nature is still proven herself at times to be still stronger, under extreme conditions.

Gunite can be any shape you like. It can be added onto. Most of the builds here are gunite pools.


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Thanks for giving me such a described introduction about Gunite pools. Is there any Gunite pools installer in your knowledge? If so then please suggest me one of the best.

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According to me fiberglass pools are better option. Because these are easy to install and less expensive in compare to plaster pools. There surfaces are smooth and easy on the feet. The maintenance of fiberglass pools is very easy.

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We have owned a fiberglass pool and are getting ready to build a shotcrete pool. Not sure what you mean about which one is safer, as Scott said, they both hold water so you can drown in either one. They say fiberglass is easier to maintain but ANY pool needs regular maintenance to stay in good shape. Fiberglass is covered in gelcoat and gelcoat WILL oxidize. Just look at any older fiberglass boat, they are not shiny anymore unless they have been very well maintained. Gelcoat also can suffer from osmotic blistering (which happened to our pool as well). It can be repaired just as a gunite pool can be replastered, it just costs money.

Our fiberglass pool was smooth, we had slippage issues on the steps. I'm sure there are options available to help with this. I find plaster to be smooth and comfortable as well. From reading it seems that costs can vary, in some places fiberglass costs more than gunite and vice versa or equal in other areas. Fiberglass only comes in certain shapes but some companies offer plenty of shapes to choose from. Gunite can be any shape.

If you want or need a certain shape for your space and can't find a fiberglass pool that will fit, gunite can be made however your heart desires.

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Thanks for your suggestion. Can you tell me how much time a plaster pool will take to install?

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Every build is different. Things such as access, subs used, inspections, permits, weather, and so on, can make this vary from 5 weeks to 5 months.


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Today! Which are the latest plaster pools available in market??? Please suggest..

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You can go for- White Marble Plaster, Polished Aggregate Plaster, Quartz Plaster and Pebble Plaster. All are good..

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Thanks kelvin Hentos,

For suggesting me the best plaster pools. Among all these plaster Pools, I think White Marble Plaster will be perfect for my house in Foster. What do you say?? If am not right Please tell me...

Foster Pools

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Hello Foster Pools,

Without any doubt you can install White Marble Plaster Pool because it is a good combination of water with white marble. It is an economical choice that has a classic swimming pool look. This is the most common plaster pool in use today.

Foster Pools it looks amazing when you have a pool in whitish design and built...


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