How to select a slide pump?

jscozzJune 12, 2012

Looking for some help in figuring out how to size a pump for a custom slide. The slide has dual 1" inlets and requires a total of 80 GPM. I will have a dedicated pump for this slide. Dedicated drains, 3" plumbing from pool to pump and from pump to slide (in case I use a different slide later that needs more water). It will split into two 1" feeds at the slide. Manufacturer recommends a valve on each feed to adjust flow.

Question is, one PB is quoting a 2hp, single speed pump. Looking at the flow charts, and estimating TDH around 30-40?, it seems like this pump will push over 150 gpm!!! That seems like way too much!

How can I properly estimate TDH and get the proper sized single speed pump? And, silly question, but if I got a bugger pump than needed, and adjusted the valves at the slide to limit flow, does that have a negative impact on the motor?

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mas985 did a very nice workup on TFP that should help.

Gardenweb doesn't seem to like anyone posting TFP links, which is short sighted of them, IMHO, but that is another issue. Somehow, they have it in the Spam site list. You believe that, right?

They have a Pump Basics section in Pool School and the more detailed thread that mas985 wrote titled: Hydraulics 101 - Have you lost your head.

Most of the time, a return is also plumbed in the pool to direct excess flow into the pool.

A 2" line can't handle more than 100 GPM at 10 feet per second so I wouldn't sweat the 150 gpm @ 35 feet of head. Here is a link to a pipe size chart:


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