New house has a redwood deck--impossible to find redwood?

kbirgersonAugust 17, 2012

My newly purchased house has a huge pool deck that is made out of redwood. The realtor told us "good luck with your illegal deck" as a joke but then proceeded to tell us that redwood has now become outlawed to chop down so the bits and pieces of redwood floating around the market are going to be extremely expensive. Is this true? Can't seem to find a direct answer from google. If so is there a substitute we could use? Or even (we dread this, seeing as it would be VERY expensive), should we just replace the whole deck with some other kind of wood? Thanks!

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Do you live in the USA? I've never heard of such a ban, in fact my boyfriend just built this nice privacy trellis out of redwood a couple weeks ago.

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Hopefully that is the only untruth that the Realtor told you as most large real lumberyards carry redwood and most others can special order. Redwood will not be inexpensive but repairing and replacing bad boards will be less expensive that replacing the entire structure.

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Redwood is available in various grades, as I just learned, and we just replaced an 800 sq. ft. deck. It is not super expensive if you get the lower grades, but for deck longevity, you might want to fork out the $ upfront and get the best quality you can afford. Your realtor is misinformed. It's not illegal. I live in CA where it's harvested (controlled) daily and every lumberyard has it. Good luck!

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Yes we live in the US! Thanks so much, I'm sure she was just trying to sell us on using her husband's business to redo our deck.

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