Diving Boards vs. Diving Rocks

pooldreamer_2010June 17, 2011

We are getting closer to getting a pool, so I am beginning to inquire about info. again. I was told recently by my insurance person that if a person bounces wrong on a board then they will be thrown to the side and residential pools are not made wide enough to keep a person from hitting a wall. My husband is 6'4" so in his case I can see where that can be a concern. The widest our pool will be is 19' across.

So my question is, " are diving rocks safer than diving boards?"

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Standards are similar for diving boards and rocks. You can look up the standards on the web. They are divided by pool size and board length. Short boards and rocks fit into the TYPE I pool catagory witch are the minmum standards.

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I have witnessed thirty-years of kids diving on a residential pool diving board and so far not one accident. Truthfully, the only people that get enough height off our diving board are the ones that know how to jump properly anyway. I suppose you could also slip off a diving rock and hit your head.

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What sold me on a diving rock over a board is watching my neighbor's teenager with a girl ON HIS SHOULDERS - bounce, bounce, bouncing - on their board.

It was arching almost to the surface of the water before they got enough air to launch. I was waiting for the board to snap. It didn't but her head grazed the board right before she hit the water.

Somehow the rock seems safer to me. No bounce but still fun to jump off of. Helluva lot prettier, too, IMO.

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Thank you everyone for taking time to answer my question.

I found out from my insurance company that they would not insure either : ( ...I shed some tears over that one lol, so I think I will just keep my deep end for diving off the edge.

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