TWP 1500 vs Cabot Deck finishes

JayJeepAugust 22, 2011

I'm sure this has been discussed to death but I can't find the information that I need.

My question is what is the comparison between TWP and Cabot Deck products? Does the cabot stain also need a protector applied to it after? Which is easier to use?

Basically, I just finished building a cedar deck and am trying to pick out a deck stain/protector. I've read many different things that say all sorts of different advice. I think I have it narrowed down to TWP 1500 and Cabot.

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I have never used TWP but I did stain our deck with one of the Cabot oil deck stains in a semi transparent color. I has held up better than any other product I have used. That said, I stained the redwood bench that runs on one side of the deck with another Cabot product: Australian Timber Oil. It only comes in three colors I believe, but when my deck needs refinishing I plan to use it because it looks beautiful on the bench. It has a sheen that the deck stain lacks. Could be a little slippery, I suppose, but not bad. It is not just a surface finish like a varnish and it has held up even better than the deck stain.

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So for the Australian Timber Oil, you do not have to apply anything else over the top? You just put the ATO on and thats it? Their website wasn't clear on that and they haven't gotten back to me.

Any other opinions or advice for either product? TWP or Cabot?

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They both have a total different approach all together in make up.

Cabot product is a lot like paint, twp product is resin base. One gets on the wood the other gets in it. Cabot will require stripping after a few go arounds,twp never needs stripping but requires more coats to keep looking good.

There is a post on this subject in Contractor Talk, it spans 5 years or so and has had close to 30,0000 looking at it the thing just keep going.

Folks there is no perfect anwser !!! and no end to the products coming out with wild over wild cliams of perfection. My advise is to keep it simple. Do not expect any outdoor finish to stay nice looking with out Work.

Manmade decking/railing tried to fill this workless American hunger 20 years ago after all the smoke cleared it's the same story. If you dont want to keep your project nice because it requires Work......Place a Dirt Deck ... with the option of high flex Grass hire the guy that knocks on your door to mow it. Bamm Bamm not counting the water you have a no maintance area.


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Well I never said I wasn't afraid of work nor did I was I worried about how long it lasted. I just wanted to know what the difference would be from using both products.

Basically wanted to know the ease of use for either.

I think I will try TWP 1500

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I must offer my apologies Jay.

In the past my info about the twp product has been seen as a point of argument. John

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TWP is a much better stain. Applies better, dries better, stains evenly, etc.

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Australian Timber OIl is an Oil. If I recall it is a mixture of stuff like tung oil linseed oil etc. It does not need sealing. I don't know what Cabot used to color the colored versions. Mine was very attractive.
john_hyatt: Do you mean that TWP has no pigments in their products? Cabot oil stains come in a variety of transparecies. Only the thickest is paint like. My stepson always paints his deck and it doesn't last a bit longer than mine stained with semi-transparent (middle thickness) Cabot. Mine has lasted 3 years and that is about the longest I can get from stain in our desert weather. Many stains like Olympic and TWP were 1` or 2 year products for me, even when the Olympic was the 3 or 5 year grade don't recall which).

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TWP product defiantly has pigment.

If you are happy with the finish you use I am happy as well. J.

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