my peel and stick tile entryway

kristinekrApril 25, 2011

A recent thread about peel and stick tiles inspired me to redo my chipped and broken slate entryway with peel and stick tile. Even though I put peel and stick tile in my laundry room and storage room years ago, it just never occurred to me to do it in my entryway. But after hearing about success with peel and stick tile in higher traffic areas, I decided to go for it until we have the money for tile or hardwoods.

I used Home Depot's allure. Unlike peel and stick tiles I have used in the past, this is a floating floor. It comes in planks of 3 tiles and the edges stick together rather than the entire tile. I liked this as I was able to float the floor over my existing tile.

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Look terrific!

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Was it easy? Do you like how it turned out around the edges?

I was considering this for my kitchen (over existing flooring) but have read mixed reviews.

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I really, really like your floor. You did a good job and it seems like it wasn't too difficult. We're planning the remodel of our master bathroom and I cannot have a hard floor there. Both our flooring store and our GC have railed against putting down hardwood or Pergo, so am left with vinyl. Since slate is my favorite home decor stone, and since our master bedroom is mainly tan and teal blue, this looks like a definite possibility. So you've given me an idea - must check Home Depot!

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"Looks" terrific (forgot the s in above post. lol)

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I really like it!!

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does it come in 'planks' of 3 tiles in other colors?

I've read reviews on allure also. some good, some not so good. coming with 3 tiles to a 'plank' would make it go down rather quickly tho...

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My parents used the Allure flooring in their kitchen and bath. So far it has held up great. Congrats on the refreshed entry! It looks so nice!

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thanks for the compliments. Everyone who has seen it has really liked it.

It came in several "wood" colors and at least one other tile color--a lighter tan color.

It did go down very fast.

However, I found it very difficult to cut when I had to cut it the long length wise. I got a brand new utility knife and it was still very hard.

And very very very difficult to cut when I had to cut around the staircase,ect. It was easy enough to draw the template, but practically impossible to cut it out. I ended up snapping the plank by accident and was frustrated so just did it in two pieces--which was easier--but not ideal as when snapped there was no adhesive between the pieces.

As far as around the edges--it's not perfect at all--but my mistakes are not overly noticeable as there is black slate with gray grout underneath--which blends everything. And, its a little uneven in spots as the tile underneath is not perfect. That may be a problem in the future--but I just wanted it done so I didn't do any leveling of the broken tile/grout underneath.

In retrospect, I wanted new baseboards eventually, so I should have just pulled off the baseboards and put new ones on--that would have covered the mistakes.

It did go down fast (when no cuts were needed). It was a little tricky getting the planks to butt together perfectly without any gaps. Like I said, I was in a rush to just get it down as we were having a party--so it is far from perfect and with a bit more patience, I could have done a better job avoiding gaps in the "grout" seams.

The other thing is that there is a lot of waste since there is only one way to stick it together. And you have to buy it by the box.

I am going to see how it holds up. If it holds up well, I may do it in my basement TV room. That should go pretty fast as it's just a big square without any doorways, closets, ect.--so no cuts except on either end.

I read mixed reviews too. I figured for such a small space--it was worth the risk. And it really looks nice for now (and for my party).

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We put in a wood-look allure floor. We didn't snap and score...we use shears for cutting vinyl siding. Think honking big scissors which had replaceable blades. Made it VERY easy. I picked up that suggestion on youtube allure (or perhaps koncto?) install video. Not an official video...a diy-type video. If I can find it I'll post it tomorrow.

We finished ours last a guest room Has held up well so far!

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Here is my allure floor--I think the color is "Honey Maple" or something like that.I think I found the video I used...but youtube is taking too long to load. I'll try again later...

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Video finally IS the right one. Advice on using vinyl siding snips is at about 4:20.

Here is a link that might be useful: allure install video

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mjsee, your floor looks great!

I checked out that video--and what a difference using those vinyl scissors would have made!!! Thanks for the tip--I will def get those if I end up doing it in my basement tv room.

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Buy at least one extra set of blades. We didn't...and they were getting rather dull by the end of our install. (We did a LOT of long cuts, though.) Here's another shot of the floor...shows more:

It's actually our SECOND allure floor...first one was in a 6'x8' laundry closet...five years ago. That floor has had water on it multiple times (don't ask) and looks as good as the day we laid it. We've never had problems with lifting seams. We have uneven floors, so the click allure ultra is out of the question.

Did you use carpet tape when you put yours down? We found that VERY it kept the first course from sliding out of place as we laid the planks. There is carpet tape around the entire perimeter of the room...

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We used the Allure flooring in two rooms when we moved in, and we're disappointed with it. We've got lifting/curling edges popping up everywhere. The floor is only a year and a half old, so we may contact the company and see what they can do. I wouldn't use the product again.

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Franksmom--this is what puzzles me! We put it down in our laundry room in 2007. Four years ago! It's gotten flooded twice, and has dried out beautifully. No lifting...a little scuffing, but then I've scooted my Bosch front-loader on it more than once. I wonder if it's the size of the area? Or perhaps the fact that it's laid over concrete?

I didn't even rent a roller...I just "skated" on the seams in sockfeet. I DID leave an expansion gap (covered by shoe-molding)...

Bedroom went down in October 2010 and it still looks new, despite having a bed scooted across it. Also over a concrete maybe that's the difference. Not a lot of flexing/shifting...

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Another great "vinyl" type of product is Marmoleum.

I used it in my kitchen and 2 bathrooms.

Here is a link that might be useful: Marmoleum

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WOW! Thanks for the idea, I might be able to use this flooring to do a quick makeover to help sell a house that had been on the market awhile!

I had been holding out with the old linoleum because installation is so..darn..expensive. But if I can DIY this, that would be super! Great job and thanks again.

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Thanks for the info on installation. In the kitchen there we be a lot of cuts (around cabinets and such) so I am hesitant about using it. I would prefer sheet vinyl but then I have to pay for installation.

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My suspicion is that it's just a "bad batch." We installed over cement slab, followed all of the instructions, had seen all of the videos, used the floor roller, etc. I've seen tons of positive reviews of the product, and as far as installation and price, we were happy.

It looked beautiful when it was first installed, but it shouldn't look this bad a year and a half into it. If it were just one or two seams, I'd say it was a fluke, but it's all over the floor in our living room, and I've read of people with similar complaints. The weird thing is, that the other room doesn't have any lifting seams that we've found so far.

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franksmom--so sorry you are having problems. I hope you get some resolution!

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