filter pump won't start

mashmasherJune 15, 2010

My pool filter pump (pentair) is just over a year old and it just turns hums then stops, It just happened and I have to wait until Wednesday for the pool builder to look at it. What are your guesses on what is wrong? the baskets are all empty and the cartridges weren't clogged.

How long does it take water to get to unsafe levels without the filter running in hot weather?

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I recently had a similar issue on my pump and it is only a couple years old. It is likely the capacitor which in my case was an easy fix. I checked to make sure there were no obstructions and then checked that the impellor could freely rotate ( of course making sure that the motor could not be accidentally started while my hand was insude). Took the old capacitor to pool store and got a replacement ($30). My pool went a few days without the pump as it happended over memorial day weekend, i just poured some shcok in the pool to hold it over but that is not based on anything except it was the suggestion when we lost power during the hurricane a couple of years ago.


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I hope that is the case, where is the capacitor?

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On my pump it is the only thing sticking out on the top of the motor portion of the pump (I have a Jandy Stealth - you can look at pictures online and see the protrusion on the back end/motor portion on the pump). it is at the 12 o'clock position on the motor and has a cover and gasket held on by 2 screws. Let me know the brand and model of your pump and if I can tell from online pictures I will let you know where it might be.


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Be careful, capacitors can hold a charge. Make sure the power is off, and discharge the capacitor by laying the blade of a screwdriver across the terminals. This will short any remaining charge to ground. Then it is safe to handle the capacitor.

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Apparently it was still under warranty. My pool builder service guy came out swapped the capacity and everything was working again. He left me the old one so I know what one needs to be replaced if it happens again out of warranty time.

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I have the same thing happening with our pool pump. I have a 1.5 HP Jandy Stealth as well. Our pump just makes a humming noise when turned on, but will not actually turn the impeller inside. The motor gets really hot and will eventually shut itself off. Does this sound like what was happening to yours?

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It is possible.
Is it still under warranty?

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