For stain, I want the stain remover look

snakyjakeAugust 20, 2011

I removed the previous stain from my deck. While doing so, the thick stain remover absorbed into the wood and gave it a deep, rich, brownish-honey appearance...while wet. That's the color I want for my deck. I've tried some other deck oils, and all of them seem too light, or don't absorb. They seem to stay at the surface.

However, I don't know if too much oil into the wood will later cause it to rot or cause future problems. I live in a very wet climate for most of the year.

Any ideas of how to get the color? Or any warnings to me?

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Strange Snaky.

I just cant see the stripper doing that. In any case All the stripper has to be removed then an oxalic wash.

Not real sure on the Oil thing either are we talking 30 weight,machine oil, vegi oil or what.

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