Need Feedback. What's Your Favorite Color Pool Liner?

nicole007June 6, 2012

Is too dark a problem? If the border is too dark blue does it show a bleach line after a while? So, should I stick with a more pastel border or does it matter? When it's royal/navy blue can you see the bottom of the pool? Do the darker liners bleach out faster? I've heard they hold up longer but it seems like they would show fading faster. Opinions appreciated!

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The liners fading has alot to do with your up keep of chemicals in your pool. A darker liner will make depth perception a little more hard to judge.The liner below on the link is dark and is printed on a black material so seams will not show.We are about too install this liner in a new build and the homeowner has decided not to have a border on the top so it will be the same pattern all the way up. There pool will have a tanning ledge so a border would look funny. My wife says this will also be our next liner in our pool she loves this color/pattern.

Here is a link that might be useful: dark liner

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