Submersible chair??

stupid48June 19, 2011

Hi there,

We are almost finished our new pool. We did a web deck (baja shelf) which will contain 9" of water. Now, we are looking for low chaise chairs that we can put in the wet deck but can't seem to find them. Obviously, they would need to be plastic resin or aluminum (with aluminum screws). Does any one know where we could find such a thing?

Thanks, Chris

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I would think that the plastic adirondack type chairs would work nicely. You can get them about anywhere...Target, Walmart, Home Depot or Lowes, among others.

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I would think the plastic adirondack would work also but most of them have seats that are way too far out the water. It would be preferable to have a seat that is under 9" in height...

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Does anyone know if the plastic adirondacks will float in 6-9" of water? Assuming there isn't a butt in it?

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Here is what ya need!

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Did anyone ever find lounge chairs that work in a tanning ledge/shelf? Saw this post and I haven't had any luck yet. Can you get the adirondack chairs as lounge chairs? Haven't seen them at Lowes, etc....

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I was looking all over for some and stumbled across some nice looking plastic adirondack chairs at Home Depot. They came in a few colors and were $14. They sit nicely on our baja shelf which is 18", about 6" of the chair is underwater so these may work for your shelf. I wanted plastic vs metal and they have been a great find.

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